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Peruvian Ice Cap Shows Greater Global Temps in the Past

Evidence in the ice caps of the Peruvian mountains shows that the earth was much warmer thousands of years ago than it is today. Even though they didn’t have SUVs and coal power plants back then, these days we are expected to believe human activity is warming the planet. And they call anthropogenic global warming theory “science?”

Judge: Contra Costa Religious Prohibitions Violate First Amendment

Library staff refused to allow a Christian group to use the same meeting room as any other group because the purpose of the use was “religious.” Could there be a more blatant violation of religious freedom? U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White ruled this discriminatory policy amounted to “excessive entanglement” of government with religion.

The Measure of a Man

It says a lot about a man whether he’s willing to get dirty and do a little real work or not. From┬áThe Patriot Post (www.PatriotPost.US)

Cash for Clunkers: Fraud Upon Fraud

The latest scam from the federal government to separate more of your money from your wallet is the “Cash for Clunkers” program to pay people to trade in old cars for more fuel-efficient ones. It wastes your hard-earned tax dollars on a problem that doesn’t even exist.

Restoring Constitutional Govt With the Enumerated Powers Act

Congress has for many years run roughshod over or completely ignored the U.S. Constitution–the standard for all laws in America and the document which specifically states what government can do…and nothing else. The Enumerated Powers Act would require the specific Constitutional authority for all legislation to be referenced. This is the key to returning to limited government, and government for the people.

New Tea Party Anthem: We the People

Lloyd Marcus, the man who created the catchy, fun anthem for the Tax Day Tea Parties, has come out with a new, passionate anthem for the Independence Day Tea Parties. It is a beautiful tribute to the greatness of America, and the great blessings of liberty, endowed by our Creator, that we enjoy here.

Where Can Americans Go for Treatment Under Govt Health Care?

Canadians sometimes have to come to the United States for medical care because it is often unavailable under their government health care system–even for things like brain cancer and high-risk pregnancy. If the United States makes the same mistake as Canada and switches to govt health care, where will we go?

Research Analysis Finds Therapy for Unwanted Homosexuality Beneficial

Homosexual activists want people to believe homosexuals can’t change, and even that attempts to change their behavior are harmful. But a study of 125 years of reports by clinicians, researchers, and former homosexuals finds that homosexuals can change if they want to change–and that the change is beneficial.