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The Mystery of Countries Where Single Payer Health Care Works

President Obama claims there are countries where government health care works well. The only problem is, no one knows what or where they are. (Plenty of people claim it stinks, though, and they can provide examples)

Modern Global Warming Hysteria Just Repackaged Pagan Religion

More and more people–even researchers–are starting to recognize and admit that belief in anthropogenic global warming bears striking similarities to a religion. In fact, it strongly resembles works-oriented ancient pagan religions where it was believed that sacrifices could bring favorable weather and other conditions from the favorite pocket deity.

Air Force 4-Star Calls Military Cuts ‘High Risk’

President Obama is moving to cut our nation’s defenses in several key areas, including production of the new F-22 Raptor. General Corley calls these cuts “high risk.” This aircraft is needed to ensure our air superiority in any war we may end up fighting–against Iran, North Korea or even China. Air superiority saves American lives on the ground…and keeps our nation free.

Obama Extends Federal Benefits to Homosexuals, Pushes Homosexual Agenda

President Obama–the man charged with upholding the laws of our nation–has violated the Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) by extending benefits to sex partners of homosexual government employees. Despite shallow statements that he supports marriage, Obama is following through on his campaign pledge to push the homosexual agenda to new and egregious extremes.