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Getting the Full Story in Iran and the US

Unfortunately Iran isn’t the only country with a statist media. The difference between Iranian media and the dominant American media is that while Iranian media is directly controlled by the state, the American media is a willing, fawning lapdog of the state. From Americans for Limited Government.

Report: Effective Health Care Bill Would Cost $4 Trillion

Democrats insist we must socialize health care in America, but estimates on what it would take range from $1 trillion to $4 trillion dollars over 10 years. The taxes to pay for this would be staggering, and such a plan moves in exactly the opposite direction needed to reduce costs.

D.C. Board Refuses Vote of Citizens on Marriage

The people who live in Washington D.C. want a say in whether their city recognizes homosexual “marriages” performed in other locations. But their city council and others refuse to give the people a say in the re-engineering and counterfeiting of a fundamental human institution.

Tiller: A Tale of Two George’s and Two Churches

By now you’ve heard about murdered abortionist George Tiller. But you probably haven’t heard about how he came to the point where he was okay with killing 60,000 late-term children in the womb. And what kind of “church” would affirm him in this barbarism.

New Human Rights Crackdown in China

The Chinese government continues its communist-style oppression of its own people. One prominent uman rights attorney remains missing after more than 130 days. Yet America continued to allow communist China to flood our nation with goods from this oppressive regime.

Iranian Christians: Election Was a Total Fraud

Many Iranians are refusing to accept the results of the recent election, with some calling it a “total fraud.” Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets demanding more freedom and true democracy.

Syrian Actress: ‘Hatred of Israel Is in Our Genes and Blood’

Syrian actress Amal ‘Arafa’s comments highlight the impasse in the Middle East peace process. How is Israel ever to have meaningful peace with people who are so full of hate and bent on Israel’s destruction that they believe their hatred is genetic?

Carrie Prejean Speaks on Accusations Surrounding Her Firing

The Left continues to smear the former Miss California Carrie Prejean even after she lost her crown, but in this interview she gets a chance to set the record straight on some of the accusations and outrageous behavior of some pageant officials.

33 Minutes: Protecting America in the New Missile Age

Despite having developed a successful ballistic missile defense system, President Barack Obama wants to shut down this system and leave the United States vulnerable to nuclear attack. This new film, “33 Minutes” (which is the amount of time it would take an incoming ballistic missile to strike us) reveals the threat, the solution, and the obligation for the United States government to provide for the defense of the American people.