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The Future of American Health Care Under Socialism

This is filed under the category of “humor” because it’s a political cartoon, but be assured that the downsides and danger of government health is no joke. Earlier this year, leading British bioethicist Mary Baroness Warnock said that the elderly and people with dementia have a “duty to die.” British MEP Daniel Hannan has also warned the United […]

Twitterers Take CNN, Media to the Woodshed

The online networking service Twitter has so far been used mainly for people to send little messages to their friends about what they’re eating, what they’re watching, etc. But the unrest surrounding the elections in Iran–and the “mainstream” media’s usual pathetic coverage of the misdeeds of oppressive governments–has found Twitter being used to send otherwise unseen images of protests and government violence around government censors and out to the free world.