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Another Death Knell for the ‘Mainstream’ Media

Zogby’s latest poll finds that far more people get their news online than in traditional media outlets like newspaper and television. Confidence in the reliability of the dinosaur media is also pretty low, with only 16% considering newspapers reliable. Will the liberal “mainstream” media take a hint? Don’t hold your breath.

Coming Soon From Obama Media

You will be introduced to twelve Czars, who hold varying positions of power within the administration. The great thing about them is that Czars operate with impunity and are “under the radar” when it comes to making policy. They are accountable to no one except the President and, oh man, can they dance.

Juvenile Sodom Reborn in Boston

Reports of a recent homosexual “Youth Pride Day” event day at the Boston City Hall may remind those who retain a functioning moral compass of Sodom and Gomorrah. Children were exposed to explicit sexual material including sadism and masochism, and there were allegations of widespread drug use. For adults to allow and actually promote such a corruption of character in youth would probably have been criminal in a more enlightened age.

Kitty Werthmann to Speak on Threats to Freedom

Kitty Werthmann, president of the South Dakota Eagle Forum, will be speaking in Sioux Falls later this week on the devastating effects when people elect and put unchecked power into the hands of a few. Werthmann grew up in Austria under the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler.

The Hostile Takeover of Childhood

Massive commercial campaigns aimed at young children are seducing them out of their innocence and natural development. Lack of parental discipline and restraint have given these forces unprecedented access to children at a time when the moral fiber of our society has never been more tattered.

Pro-Family Groups Not Convinced by Obama Administration DOMA Defense

The Obama Administration may be infuriating homosexual activist by defending the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), but legally the administration has no choice but to defend the law unless Congress changes it. But this defense of DOMA isn’t lulling pro-family groups into believing the Obama Administration wants to do anything except continue the liberal assault on marriage and family.