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Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending June 13, 2009

Reviewing the top articles at Dakota Voice last week, including: yet another adult stem cell success, political correctness run amok, putting government back in the box, Obama scares North Korea, global warming tax may be in trouble, and the ACLU reaches new heights of silliness.

Hiking Little Devil’s Tower

My children and I had a great hike in Custer State Park yesterday. We hiked up Little Devil’s Tower, which is a very high peak in the Black Hills. I believe it’s only 300 feet less than Harney Peak, which is the highest point between the Rocky Mountains and Europe. Here are some pictures from our hike.

Reevangelizing the Church: Where did we go wrong?

Roads and paths exist for a reason: to keep us from getting stuck and to get us to the right place effectively. When we get off the path, we can get lost and get in trouble. So it is that America and most of Western civilization has left the path of its moral roots for the dangerous wilderness of moral relativism. How can we get back on the path?