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Marriage Defenders Aim for Referendum on Marriage in D.C.

The Washington, D.C. Council wants to ram homosexual “marriage” down the throats of the citizens of Washington D.C., but many are arguing that a vote of the people should be taken. “I’m not against anybody’s individual rights,” Bishop Harry Jackson said. “But I am against changing societal structure.”

Holcaust Museum Killer: More in Common With Liberalism Than Conservatism

Liberals are predictably trying to smear conservatives after the neo-Nazi attack on the Holocaust Museum where a black security guard was killed. But does killer James W. Von Brunn have more in common with conservatives and the Right…or liberals and the Left? You might be very surprised…

How Grows the Stimulus Garden?

Barack, Barack, quite contrary (to American principles of limited government and free market): how does your garden grow? Credit: The Patriot Post (www.PatriotPost.US)

Thune Works to Put Government Back in the Box

Liberals may be just fine with the government takeover of many American businesses we’ve seen in recent months, but when does it all end and we return to our free market system? Senator John Thune is introducing a bill to impose a deadline to get government OUT of the business of business.

Miss California Pageant Fires Carrie Prejean

Pageant officials have fired Carrie Prejean as Miss California. They claim she failed to meet her obligations to attend various events, but many people smell a rat after the demonization she received after simply stating the obvious: that it takes a man and a woman to form a marriage.

Dems Defecting on Global Warming Tax Bill

Democrats are defecting from the cap-and-trade global warming tax bill in congress. They are growing in skepticism and many Dems are preparing to vote against this assault on the American taxpayer. But taxpayers should remain vigilant and ensure the raiders in congress know this hostility against them won’t be tolerated.

New Obama National Policy: Play the Blame Game

President Obama’s national strategy seems to be to play the blame game of avoiding responsibility. Add a helping of hubris and appeasement of our enemies and the enemies of our allies, and you have a dangerous meal that could have been prepared anywhere America is hated.