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UK: Adult Stem Cells Reverse Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Adding to the more than 70 successful adult stem cell therapies, the UK now reports successful treatment of Multiple sclerosis symptoms. This non-destructive line of stem cell research has proved incredibly fruitful, while embryonic stem cell research–which destroys innocent human life in the harvesting–has yet to produce a single successful therapy.

Hot Air Tour Coming to Sioux Falls

The Americans for Prosperity Hot Air Tour is coming to Sioux Falls on June 24. Come and find out how a bunch of hot air can cost you a LOT of money.

Sotomayor Has a Different Dream

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a noble dream of racial equality, where skin color simply did not matter. Others, however, have a different dream… Credit: The Patriot Post (www.PatriotPost.US)

Poll: Plurality Believe Constitution Doesn’t Restrict Govt Enough

The latest Rasmussen poll shows the largest segment of Americans by far believe the Constitution doesn’t place enough restrictions on the government. But is it because the Constitution is inadequate in this regard? Or is it that our leaders (and too many American citizens) simply aren’t obeying those restrictions? Examine how the Constitution is designed to restrict government, and why that currently isn’t happening.

Tiller Abortion Clinic Now Closed Permanently

The family of murdered late-term abortionist George Tiller has announced that his abortion clinic will be permanently closed. Pro-lifers are thankful for the closure of the abortuary, though they would have preferred its closure through peaceful, legal means.

Supreme Court Urged to Reject ACLU Attack on Mojave Desert Memorial

Legal groups are urging the Supreme Court to reject the ACLU’s attack on the Mojave Desert Memorial, and their ongoing attempt to sanitize the public square of our Christian heritage.

New Video Highlights Rep. Herseth Sandlin’s Liberal Record

A new video highlights the liberal record of Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin. Herseth Sandlin votes with ultra-liberal Speaker Nancy Pelosi more than 90% of the time, in contrast to Herseth Sandlin’s assertions that she is a “moderate.”

Democrats Prepare to Push Trillion Dollar Govt Health Care

Democrats are preparing to push their $1 trillion+ government health care plan. Government health care is a dismal failure where ever it’s tried, and is un-American at its very core. Americans will reject this massive socialism as they did when Democrats tried it in 1994.

ACLU Demands Desert Memorial Be Covered by a Bag

The ACLU is once again going to extreme lengths to sanitize America of any sign of her Christian heritage. And the lengths to which they are going to hide the Mojave Cross Memorial display how silly they are in their endeavors.

Nat Hentoff Has Never Lost His Sense of Rage

John W. Whitehead My lives as a radical (according to the FBI): an “enslaver of women” (according to pro-choicers); a suspiciously unpredictable civil-libertarian (according to the ACLU); a dangerous defender of alleged pornography (according to my friend Catherine MacKinnon); an irrelevant, anachronistic integrationist (according to assorted black nationalists); and, as an editor at the Washington […]