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Tiananmen Square: 20 Years Pass and Nothing Learned

It’s been 20 years since the spark of freedom was quashed in Tiananmen Square in China. In that time, the Chinese government has continued to oppress it’s own people, and America has moved frighteningly closer to embracing the same devastating philosophy behind that oppression in China.

Gallup Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose Closing Gitmo

The overwhelming majority of Americans oppose closing the terrorist POW camp at Club Gitmo, and that figure gets even higher when asked their opinion if the terrorists were moved to a prison in their state. Seems people aren’t as liberal when we talk about putting the terrorists in their back yard.

The civil rights challenge of our time

Star Parker STAR PARKER FOUNDER & PRESIDENT COALITION ON URBAN RENEWAL & EDUCATION An incensed Andrew Sullivan — homosexual journalist and activist — told CNN anchor Anderson Cooper the other night that Barack Obama is ducking the “core civil rights challenge of his time.” For once, I find myself on the same page with Sullivan. […]