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Evidence of the Age of Planet Earth

Need a reason not to buy into the mountain of assumptions upon which the theory of evolution is based? How about 101 of them? Creation Ministries International just published 101 evidences for a young age of the earth. If you’re used to accepting all the “wisdom” that comes from most of the “scientific” community, from […]

What did Dr. Tiller do with the dead babies?

“Now, you may have a baptism if you wish. You may have a baptismal certificate. If you so desire we can give you our certificate of premature miscarriage. We can take a lock of hair, if you wish. You may have fetal footprints, if you wish. We can do about whatever it is that you would like to have done.”

Iran Gets Nuclear Capability, America Gets Windmills

President Barack Obama now says the oil-rich nation of Iran needs “peaceful” nuclear power.  But folks in the foreign-oil-dependent United States are not allowed to drill for their own oil or build more nuclear power plants.  Just whose interest is President Obama looking out for? From Americans for Limited Government.

Citizens for Liberty of Rapid City Launches Website

Citizens for Liberty, the group that brought you the Rapid City Tax Day Tea Party, now has their website up and running. Citizens for Liberty is a group of about 40-50 concerned citizens from Rapid City and other areas in West River South Dakota who recognize the need for our country, state and community to […]

Bible Outreach to Prisons Expands as Prison Islamization Trend Grows

Reprinted by permission of the Christian Post By Michelle A. Vu Christian Post Reporter Wed, Jun. 03 2009 07:55 PM EDT A used book ministry, as of this month, is sending Christian books and Bibles to prisons in all 50 U.S. states, according to an announcement Tuesday. Though Christian Library International was founded in 1996, […]

New Hampshire Legalizes Homosexual ‘Marriage’

Reprinted by permission of the Christian Post By Nathan Black Christian Post Reporter Wed, Jun. 03 2009 06:30 PM EDT New Hampshire became the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage on Wednesday. Gov. John Lynch signed the bill, approving revisions that better protect religious institutions and their employees against lawsuits if they refuse to perform […]

Great Britain Gone to the Dogs

Sadly it seems the UK has ripped the moral compass off the ship of their nation and thrown it into the deep. The British government has for some time been genuflecting to evil with such vigor that Winston Churchill may just roll over in his grave.  But recent capitulations in England are taking that once-great […]

Hannity Limbaugh Interview Examines Liberal View of America

Talk show king also discusses Colin Powell and Sonia Sotomayor Sean Hannity recently interviewed radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh and parts 1 and 2 of that interview aired on Fox News last night. Among the topics discussed was Limbaugh’s controversial statement that he wants President Obama to fail (at socializing America): Okay you want […]