Miss California Carrie Prejean to Keep Crown

Carrie Prejean and Dr. James Dobson

Carrie Prejean and Dr. James Dobson

Homosexual activist Perez Hilton opened a can of worms for Miss California, the Miss USA pageant, and himself when he chose to politicize the pageant by asking Carrie Prejean what she thought of the idea of homosexual “marriage.”

She refused to bow at the altar of political correctness and stayed with what she knows is true and what no one questioned until just a few short years ago when society abandoned its moral compass: marriage indeed can only be between a man and a woman.

Since then, Hilton has called her foul names on his own website, homosexual activists have come out of the woodwork to excoriate her for stating the obvious, and pageant officials have declared war on her for not following the herd as they do.  And when family groups came alongside Prejean to encourage her in the midst of this assault from her peers and pop culture, pageant officials made it clear they could not tolerate her receiving any support whatsoever.

But she is not without support.  While pageant officials tried to take revenge on on her and have her Miss California crown removed for some semi-nude pictures she had taken several years ago, pageant owner Donald Trump announced today that Prejean will keep her crown.

Though she is not perfect and has acknowledged this herself, her God is still with her, as is her pastor Miles McPherson, and Miss Rhode Island Alysha Castonguay is also coming to her defense (see second video below).

Castonguay also posed in some semi-nude photos, but unlike Prejean she disclosed those photos to pageant officials.  But there is another difference between Castonguay’s and Prejean’s situations: while Castonguay’s photos were in a Maxim magazine photo spread, Prejean’s were never made public (they were released by an anonymous source after this controversy erupted).

From the Culture and Media Institute:

Current Miss Rhode Island Alysha Castonguay told anchor Maggie Rodriguez that she too had had an incident in which a revealing photo – more risqué than Prejean’s – was published in Maxim. Castonguay told the pageant about it and was allowed to remain in the competition.

Of Prejean’s situation, Castonguay said, “I don’t know if I would’ve came forward with them, you know, and let them know that there were pictures out there. I wouldn’t have thought that they would ever be published.”

Castonguay was also asked from where she thought the campaign of destruction against Prejean had come:

“I think it’s from the answer that she gave that night onstage. And, you know, I think that everybody needs to be prepared to hear both ways that that question could’ve been answered. It was her opinion.”

Indeed.  This whole sordid incident has (yet again) unmasked the bare truth of the intolerance of the “tolerance” lobby, revealing that the homosexual agenda is not about “tolerance” at all, but total total legitimization and celebration of their sexual practices.

If moral perfection is the standard which must be met before a person can speak the truth, then no one can speak the truth: not policemen, not judges, not lawyers, not clergy.

But to the chagrin of the apostles of immorality, that is NOT the standard: only knowledge of right and wrong, and a willingness to speak it are required.

Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the family, has offered Prejean some encouragement as well.

Watch the CitizenLink TurnSignal video below for some excerpts of their chat.

This is the video of Miss Rhode Island Alysha Castonguay from the Culture and Media Institute.  It is refreshing to see Miss Rhode Island come forward and support her fellow contestant.

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