Climate Bill: $2 Trillion to Reduce Temp by 9/100th of a Degree

globalwarmingearthburning3124342Climate Depot brings our attention to an analysis at Master Resource by Chip Knappenberger which shows that the fantastically-expensive $2 trillion cap-and-trade scheme being pushed by President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats is a useless gesture (even if anthropogenic global warming really was real).

According to the analysis, the Waxman-Markey bill would save our fragile planet by reducing temperatures by…hold onto your hat…make sure you’re sitting down…be ready to be impressed by this federal government feat…nine hundredths of one degree Fahrenheit, or two years of avoided warming.

So by sacrificing thousands of jobs, raising our electric bills by 40% and costing the taxpayers more than $2 trillion, in 41 years we can have lowered the global temperature by 9/100th of one degree.

Now I worked for the federal government for 10 years, and believe me I’ve seen some pretty big waste, but this has to take the cake!

The entire war on poverty was a monumental waste: trillions of dollars later, the poverty rate was unchanged when the Republican congress reformed welfare in 1996.

The socialist spending that takes up more than 50% of our federal budget–without Constitutional authority–is an epic waste.

But this…this may just set a new record for government incompetence and fraud.

A recent Wall Street Journal article indicates Democrats may not have the votes they need to pass cap-and-trade and stick it to the American people, er, I mean the evil companies. Polls and surveys are also indicating that people just aren’t drinking the global warming Koolaid like they used to, either.

When people start seeing how much their own government plans to gouge them for, and that it’s not only for a theory some compare to ancient astrology or a poorly-thought-out man-made religion, and that it isn’t going to do much anyway, the elitist socialists in Washington may just wake up to a harsh reality from the voters…

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