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Global Warming Hysteria: Relying on Unreliable Data

If we’re going to make drastic policy changes such as President Obama’s cap-and-trade scheme which is likely to raise Americans’ electric bills by 40% and kill thousands of jobs, we should be darn sure we’re doing it for a darn good reason–something that requires darn reliable data. Aside from the fact that we’ve seen drastic […]

Unfossilized Dinosaur Tissue: When Science Contradicts Evolution Dogma

What are the odds blood cells, blood vessels and collagen could survive for 65 million years? Under most conditions, scientists would answer with an unequivocal, “No way!”  But when the question involves a dinosaur fossil some claim is 65 million years old…and which contains these blood materials including hemoglobin and collagen, suddenly the answer gets much […]

Generational Drift & Decay

S. Michael Craven Center for Christ & Culture Last week we began to unpack Michael Spencer’s explosive article, “The Coming Evangelical Collapse.” Spencer’s central assertion that “we are on the verge—within 10 years—of a major collapse of evangelical Christianity” drew widespread affirmations (or resignation) from many evangelicals. Whether or not one agrees with Spencer’s conclusions, […]

Club Gitmo Residents May Move to D.C. Suburbs

According to the New York Daily News, several of the terrorist POWs from Club Gitmo may be released in the Washington D.C. suburbs: A large federal security operation is in place to keep tabs on several Guantanamo Bay inmates who may soon be released in Virginia, the Daily News has learned. A half-dozen ethnic Chinese […]