Senator Thune Protects Taxpayers from Global Warming Tax

Open pit coal mining in Gillette, WY

Senator John Thune (R-SD) won a remarkable but ultimately uncertain victory for the American taxpayer this week.

Several weeks ago President Barack Obama announced his intention to force a global warming-related cap-and-trade tax on the American people.  Oh, he didn’t put it that way; he’s just going to stick it to those evil capitalist companies like the coal industry that he wants to bankrupt.  Never mind that the cost of business always gets passed on to the consumer; what matters is what Obama says.

Obama says his cap-and-trade scheme to pay homage to the Religion of Global Warming will raise $650 billion through this tax (let’s just call it what it is), though many believe it may go as high as $2 trillion.

As the Heritage Foundation has pointed out, it is interesting that Obama’s budget plan only shows $150 billion of that amount going toward alternate energy production.  Where is the rest supposed to go?

Other socialist spending, of course.  And what dreamed-of socialist program is most likely to get a lion’s share of the loot?  Government health care, of course.

Senator Thune introduced an amendment which would prohibit any climate change legislation from slamming the American people with higher electricity or gasoline costs. Interestingly, it passed by a whopping 89-8 margin.

If left intact, it should throw up a road block to pretty much any cap-and-trade or other global warming tax scheme congress can come up with.  If left intact, that is…


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