Rapid City Tea Party: What’s Next?

From the Rapid City Tax Day Tea Party

From the Rapid City Tax Day Tea Party

The organizers of the Rapid City Tax Day Tea Party held their first post-Tea Party meeting yesterday, and again it was a room full of concerned citizens.  We knew before we held the Tea Party on April 15 that we’d be moving on afterward to new and perhaps even greater things, and now we’ve begun work on that.

All of our intentions are still in the early stages at this point and need to be worked out in greater detail before I say anything publicly, but I can assure you some gooooood stuff is coming.   And we may just have an event in a few months that quite possibly could bring out even more patriots than did the one on Tax Day.  

We will also have a permanent website up soon where we will keep people in and around the Black Hills area advised of upcoming events, voter information and many other things of interested to the freedom-minded American.   

From what I understand, more than half of the 1,500+ people who attended last week’s Tax Day Tea Party signed up wanting us to keep them in the loop–that’s a lot of folks wanting to stay engaged! 

Before the Tax Day Tea Parties last week–comprised of over 2,000 events drawing a million or more people nationwide–AfterTheTeaParty.com was already mobilizing for the next move.   A national group called the Tea Party Patriots has been formed and is keeping things going.  And locally the Northern Hills Patriots who organized the Spearfish Tax Day Tea Party have their next meeting on April 30.

Some of the things patriots across the country are working on include subsequent events to keep the people alert and focused on holding our out-of-touch government accountable, ways and opportunities to educate the public about the budget and the Constitution, motivating and equipping limited-government candidates for all levels of government, keeping elected officials’ feet to the fire, and enhancing our grassroots network.  

What’s more, the Tea Party Day website already has about 350 events registered for July 4.

Now, I know the “mainstream” media  expected this to be a flash in the pan, just a quick expression of frustration before the country returned to apathy and slumber. (Most of our local media excepted; most of them provided good, objective coverage in Rapid City).

But it isn’t going to be that way.

We’re here to stay, folks–at least until the job of returning this nation to limited Constitutional government is done.  

Usually those with ill-intent sooner or later overreach and a tipping point is reached: what good people would put up with day in and day out is suddenly more than their conscience can bear. 

This extra-Constitutional situation has been a long time in building, and that tipping point has been reached in the past few months…with things tilting considerably beyond that point.  

People have watched their government spend their money like it literally grows on trees, spend it to rescue irresponsible people, spend it to grow government exponentially beyond the already-crossed line of Constitutionality, seen cap-and-trade tax schemes put on the table which launch their energy bills into the stratosphere, seen their own government label them “extremists” and potential traitors while minimizing the threat from foreign anti-Americans, and much more.

There is no going back.  Freedom-loving Americans are waking up in droves, and they’re realizing that if they don’t act today, it will likely be too late tomorrow to save the America we all know and love. 

So you might as well get ready for a long fight, you socialists and other Leftists.  The Tea Partiers are NOT going away, and we mean to have our country back within the Constitution before we’re done.

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