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The Sun is Cooling…But Earth Will Stay Hot

Yet another report that solar activity is dropping to levels not seen for nearly 100 years, but don’t worry: the religion of Anthropogenic Global Warming is safe.  After all, it isn’t dependent on things like facts, logic, reason and proof.  So take heart, disciples of Al Gore! From the UK Guardian: The sun’s activity is […]

South Dakota Governor Race Getting More Interesting

Up until now, I haven’t been paying a whole lot of attention to early discussion about the South Dakota governor’s race, and I have several reasons for that.  One is that it’s still pretty far out, and there are plenty of other things to be concerned about right now. Another reason is that until recently […]

The Obama Cult of Personality

Have you noticed the “mainstream” media and their cult of personality surrounding Barack Obama? They swoon in his presence. They swoon when they talk about him. They swoon when they think about him. They swoon when they think about thinking about him. And as always…facts, Constitution, national credibility, and all that patriotic Americans hold dear […]

Can the Government-God Save Us from Swine Flu?

It didn’t take long for the Left to start blaming President George W. Bush and congressional Republicans for the swine flu.  But then, we should have known it wouldn’t. When President Bush was in the White House, we saw liberals blame him for everything from global warming to the belligerence of Iran.  He could have […]

Homosexual Activists Gotta Lotta Gall

Miss California’s simple acknowledgement of reality has sadly served to illustrate the nature of today’s Leftists: when the truth is spoken, they will stop at nothing to destroy the one who speaks it. A couple of weeks ago during the Miss USA pageant, pageant judge and homosexual activist Perez Hilton asked Miss California Carrie Prejean […]

Arlen Specter: Good News and Bad News

For many years, conservatives have been frustrated by RINO Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania. Though Specter has an “R” after his name, he has long voted far more like a Democrat than a Republican. He has driven a wedge into Republican efforts to return our nation to more Constitutional government, and efforts to block the assaults […]

Obama Administration Apologizes for Non-Existent Problem

Since assuming the presidency just three short months ago, President Barack Obama has gone on an unprecedented Blame America First campaign of apologies and national humiliations around the world. He has cozied up to Venezuelan Marxist thug Hugo Chavez while treating the private enterprise engine of American prosperity like the enemy, incredulously claimed America fails […]

Monroe’s Hand-Me-Downs Needed Today

American Minute from William J. Federer Leading the charge at the Battle of Trenton, a musket ball struck his shoulder, hitting an artery. He recovered and continued to fight for General Washington, becoming friends with French officer Lafayette. His name was James Monroe, born APRIL 28, 1758. After the Revolution, James Monroe studied law under […]

Newsbusted Conservative Comedy 4/28/2009

Topics in today’s show: — President Obamas first 100 days — CNNs coverage of President Obamas first 100 days — Airtran will start flying to Cuba — Mia Farrow is going on a hunger strike Starring: Jodi Miller Director: Bruce Roundtower Executive Producer: Matthew Sheffield NewsBusted is a comedy webcast about the news of the […]