1,500+ at Rapid City Tax Day Tea Party

Rapid City Tax Day Tea Party, Omaha & 5th Streets

Rapid City Tax Day Tea Party, Omaha & 5th Streets

Our Tax Day Tea Party in Rapid City today was EXCELLENT!

We had a good crowd when we lined up in Memorial Park along the intersection of Omaha Street and 5th Street, and in short order it only got better.  Before long, people were lined up along 5th Street from Rapid Creek, around the bend in the intersection, and down Omaha Street to the 6th Street stoplight.

The cars, trucks and semis driving by were honking their horns like crazy, letting us know they were with us in spirit even if they had to be on the road and about their business.

I recall only one car from which derogatory comments were shouted, and I think that young man failed to look close enough at our signs.  He must have thought we were a bunch of hippie protesters, because he yelled, “Why don’t you go back to Russia!”  If he had looked more closely, he might have realized our goal was to keep our country from making the same mistake that nation did in 1917.

At about noon we walked across the park to the Bandshell for the program.  Gordon Howie officiated and the program kicked off with a patriotic medley by Cecillee Streetman.

Several speakers followed who talked about how our nation has gotten off course, our government is acting irresponsibly in piling up mountains of debt we can’t pay for, and how most of governments solutions cause more problems than they solve.  Speakers included Mike Howard, Brian Barber, Dawn Pence, Jesse Freeman, and Ira Taken Alive.

Pastor Dale Bartscher from the South Dakota Family Policy Council closed by leading the crowd in singing “God Bless America.”

Many of the attendees then went on another march around the sidewalk with their signs along Omaha Street and 5th Street before calling it a day.

The group that organized this event will be meeting next week to discuss future actions designed to hold our government accountable.  People were encouraged today with handouts and by the speakers to stay engaged, stay involved, and stay in touch with their elected representatives–to hold our government accountable to THE PEOPLE they are elected to serve.  And more events of today’s nature will be coming…

We had several people assigned to take a head count during the event and it came out to 1,500 or more in attendance today!  Not bad for a hastily-planned event on a cool and cloudy work day!

I took some video of the crowd along the street, interviewed a few attendees, recorded the speakers and interviewed several of the speakers afterward.  That video will be uploaded to YouTube and I’ll feature it here and on Pajamas TV as it becomes available (probably later tonight or tomorrow morning).

In the meantime, please enjoy the slideshow I put together of some of the pics from the event today.  I also have many of these pics at Pajamas TV; there you can open the pics up and view them at a much larger size.

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