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Good Media Coverage Coming in for SD Tea Parties

It seems not all of the media are turning up their liberal noses at the Tax Day Tea Parties coming tomorrow. Here in South Dakota, two of the state’s biggest television news outlets are already covering the event. Black Hills Fox has a story and a video at this link.  They provided some nice, objective […]

The U.S. Supreme Court and Foreign Law

In the United States, we live by our laws and our values, not what foreign countries think. There are reasons why America is the most free, most successful, most affluent, most powerful nation on earth–and none of them come from following the example of countries less so. But some liberals on our nation’s highest court–including […]

People, States to Washington: Respect the Constitution

All across the country, from private citizens to the states themselves, the message is going forth over and over to Washington: don’t mess with our United States Constitution. Tomorrow we will see Tax Day Tea Parties in hundreds of cities across the nation.  These Tea Parties are a response to the fiscal irresponsibility of our […]

Vermont Legislature Considers Legalizing Porn for Kids

If you’re sane, when you heard that the Vermont legislature had decided to allow homosexuals to call their unions “marriage,” you probably thought something like, “Man, the Vermont legislature must be morally bankrupt.” If you did, now there’s more proof that you were right. According to  WCBSTV, Vermont legislators now want to make sexting legal.  […]

Iowans Rally for Marriage, Oppose Judicial Activism

Reprinted by permission of the Christian Post By Lawrence Jones Christian Post Reporter Tue, Apr. 14 2009 08:35 AM EDT For the second time in less than a week, hundreds of traditional marriage supporters rallied on Monday outside the Iowa Capitol to protest the state Supreme Court decision to allow gay marriage. Rally speakers told […]

Media Thinks Tea Parties Attack ‘Their Guy’

A letter to the editor from Chris Miller in today’s Rapid City Journal really nails it on the “mainstream” media’s inability to connect to average Americans: Jerry Steinley’s editorial comments about the April 15 Tea (Taxed Enough Already) Party will very likely remind people who actually do “get the whole tax revolt thing”why they need […]

A Catalog of American English

American Minute from William J. Federer Noah Webster first published his Dictionary on APRIL 14, 1828. This 26-year project with 30,000 new definitions, standardized spelling and gave American English its identity. Proving unprofitable, the rights were purchased after his death by George and Charles Merriam. In the preface of his original edition, Noah Webster wrote: […]