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Obama: “We are no longer a Christian nation.”

President Obama keeps claiming the United States is not a “Christian nation.” In his Stoplight® commentary, Stuart Shepard examines the impact of holding such a worldview.

Fighting Trillions in Overspending

Our economy is in crisis, and our government says that bold action is required. So we’re diving in head first to get things back on track. But… what are we diving into exactly? Take a closer look at the government response to our current economic crisis with narrator Nick Gillespie of ReasonTV, from Stop Spending […]

Kudos To Obama for Backing the Military

The way things are looking, this may be one of the few opportunities I have to commend President Barack Obama for something, so I’m going to take it. Kudos to President Obama for authorizing the use of force in dealing with the Somali pirates hostage situation. Because our military forces had that latitude, they were […]

Several Saturday Tea Parties in Advance of Tax Day

The “mainstream” media is starting to find it difficult to keep a lid on the Tea Party movement going on across the country.  They ignored it for as long as they could, but perhaps with the national big Tax Day Tea Party coming up in less than a week, they realized how big it was…and […]

The Insanity of the U.S. Tax System

Is it patriotic to pay taxes? And if so, who are the most patriotic Americans? Who are the least? How many words are in the tax code? How much do patriotic Americans pay to prepare their taxes? How long do you have to work in a year to earn enough to pay your taxes? You […]

God is Just, and His Justice Cannot Sleep Forever

He drafted the Declaration of Independence and was Governor of Virginia. As the 3rd U.S. President, he approved the Louisiana Purchase and had Lewis and Clark explore it. He sent the Marines to stop the Muslim Barbary Pirates of Tripoli. His name was Thomas Jefferson, born APRIL 13, 1743. Inscribed on the Jefferson Memorial in […]

Obama: In Search of a Politically Correct Church

Marie Jon’ At the time of our founding, most Americans were avowed Christians. Those devout believers would be shocked to see modern revisionists claim otherwise, and they would especially be shocked at the degree to which non-believing atheists have taken control of our country’s courts, legislative halls, and educational institutions. Barack Hussein Obama belittles the […]