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Happy Resurrection Sunday

As Christians worldwide celebrate the victory of Jesus Christ over death and the grave–and his extension of that same victory to all people who will accept it–we at Dakota Voice wish you a blessed Resurrection Sunday, along with our prayers that you have accepted or will accept that gift of peace with God and victory […]

Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending 4/11/2009

Here are 10 of the best installments from Dakota Voice over the past week.  These articles made the list because of the  number of hits, number of comments, importance and impact of the material, etc. For your Easter Sunday leisure reading, here they are in case you missed them the first time around or want […]

U.S. Military Observance of the Christian Sabbath

American Minute from William J. Federer Less than two months after Lincoln was inaugurated President, the Civil War began APRIL 12, 1861, with Confederate troops in Charleston, South Carolina, firing upon Fort Sumter. The Confederate Army was unstoppable, twice winning battles at Bull Run, Virginia, just twenty miles from Washington, D.C., forcing the Union troops […]