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Global Warming Researcher: I Can’t Prove it But Believe Me Anyway

CNS News points to a global warming doom-crier who claims anthropogenic global warming is melting arctic ice…but who can’t prove a link. “The maximum sea ice extent for 2008-09, reached on Feb. 28, was 5.85 million square miles,” according to the NSDIC researcher. “That is 278,000 square miles less than the average extent for 1979 […]

Doc Shocks Oprah on Ethical Stem Cell Successes

Michael J. Fox Dr. Mehmet Oz was on the Oprah Winfrey Show last week, along with guest Michael J. Fox, and he gave them both a shock: “The stem cell debate is dead.” Why did he say this?  Well, it’s because of the (a) tremendous problems that come with embryonic stem cell research, and the […]

Vermont Legislature Overrides Veto, Permits Homosexual ‘Marriage’

Reprinted by permission of the Christian Post By Nathan Black Christian Post Reporter Tue, Apr. 07 2009 12:03 PM EDT The Vermont legislature overturned the governor’s veto and legalized same-sex marriage on Tuesday. The state Senate voted 23-5 to override Gov. Jim Douglas’ veto and the House voted 100-49 to override.Douglas had vetoed the bill […]

Is Yavuz Berke an Al Qaida Test-Pilot?

Yavuz Berke, formerly known as Adam Leon, a 31-year-old naturalized Canadian citizen who was born in Turkey, took off Monday in a stolen Cessna 172. Departing the airport at Thunder Bay, Ontario he turned the nose of the aircraft in a southerly direction and proceeded on a nearly straight line in a nearly due-south direction. […]

Rapid City Council Rejects Pro-Homosexual Measure

Last night the Rapid City Council rejected a proposal to recommend to South Dakota’s congressional delegation that they support at the federal level the addition of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to nondiscrimination policies alongside innate, morally-neutral physical characteristics such as age, sex and skin color. The Rapid City Journal has coverage here. Originally, Alderwoman […]

Judge Affirms Ill. Pharmacists Right of Conscience

Reprinted by permission of the Christian Post By Lawrence Jones Christian Post Reporter Mon, Apr. 06 2009 07:20 PM EDT A judge has ruled that Illinois officials cannot force pharmacists to dispense emergency contraception. The ruling is in response to a suit filed by two Illinois pharmacists who say the 2005 executive order by ex-Gov. […]

Even a Circus Can Have Sacred Purpose

American Minute from William J. Federer The “Greatest Show on Earth” was owned by P.T. Barnum, who died APRIL 7, 1891. Selling millions of tickets, his big draws were General Tom Thumb, a man only 25 inches tall, and elephant “Jumbo,” whose name entered the dictionary. Barnum, who was received by President Lincoln and gave […]

Newsbusted Conservative Comedy 4/7/2009

Topics in today’s show: – North Korea launches long rang rocket -President Obama guarantees GM and Chrysler warranties – President Obama didn’t bow to the king of Saudi Arabia; he was just looking for his teleprompter – Doing what we did the last time we had a king and taxes this high… – Michelle Obama […]