Judge Thomas Slams Socialism

Justice Clarence Thomas, 2004

Justice Clarence Thomas, 2004

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas spoke recently at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia.

Thomas again demonstrates a quality rare in the judiciary today: common sense.  And another: respect for the Constitution.

To those who claim the Constitution is some mysterious document which is hard to understand, he said it was no more difficult to understand than a cell phone contract (I think it is incredibly easier to understand than a cell phone contract).

He also called out the self-centered socialist attitude prevalent among so many today:

The message today seems more like: Ask not what you can do for yourselves or your country, but what your country must do for you.

Knowing Judge Thomas is in the nation’s highest court gives me some measure of hope for our country.

Several years ago, I wrote Justice Thomas a letter of thanks and encouragement after a key decision in which he ruled correctly and Constitutionally. Unexpectedly, I received a brief reply from Thomas, with a handwritten acknowledgment and signature.  Few federal officials–especially unelected ones–would take the time to do that.

Keep up the good work, Justice Thomas!

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