Global Screaming: Climate Hysteria Reaches New Level

j0414033This video from Rush Limbaugh’s Dittocam yesterday highlights a new–or perhaps new level of–threat to the mother earth goddess.

While a NASA report a few months ago shows arctic ice is re-freezing at a record pace (and information is mounting that shows the theory of anthropogenic global warming is a total farce…and more and more Americans are waking up to this all the time), others in the “mainstream” press remain loyal mouthpieces for global warming hysterics.

AP features an environmental wacko claiming that while arctic ice has frozen, thawed, frozen, thawed, and frozen again for thousands of years, somehow any thawing which may occur today or tomorrow constitutes man-made catastrophe.

Now a Global Warming worshipper at the Snow and Ice Data Center in Colorado claims, “The Arctic is screaming.”

Well, we know Al Gore’s apostles are screaming, but despite fairly good hearing, I haven’t heard any screaming from the north. 

Limbaugh is right.  We must stop driving, flying, using electricity, and do anything we can to stop the planet from plunging out of its orbit and into the sun. 

Riiiiiight.  True believers in AGW are undeterred by facts concerning the natural phenomenonof climate change back and forth for thousands of years (long before SUVs came along).  The fact that warming has been detected on other planets like Mars and Jupiter where there are no humans at all?  No problem.  If you hate capitalism and have enough self-loathing for being evil enough to live in the West, all such common sense can be overcome.

You know, if you’d never heard of Al Gore’s fantasy and somebody floated the idea of a sci-fi movie based on this stuff, you’d probably figure it might make it onto the B-list stuff the Sci Fi Channel is fond of showing, but it would probably be a box office flop.  Too cheesy and unrealistic. 

But because some pompous dolt who used to be in the U.S. Senate says it, and loathing of capitalism is in vogue, somehow it has credibility.  

For some, following the herd instead of thinking for yourself seems much safer…until you follow the herd off a cliff…

3 Responses to “Global Screaming: Climate Hysteria Reaches New Level”

  1. CO2 is our friend. Stop the Plant Killers.

  2. Global PMS? nnNNOOoooooooooooooooooo!

  3. Global PMS? nnNNOOoooooooooooooooooo!