Calif. Statists Want to Dictate Your Car Color

Soviet classic car - Moskvitch-408

Soviet classic car - Moskvitch-408

There was once a time in America when you could do pretty much anything you wanted and live pretty much any way you wanted, so long as you weren’t endangering someone or doing something otherwise immoral.

That was a long time ago…and it’s getting farther away all the time.

The Foundry, the Heritage Foundation’s blog, points out that California is taking this Marxist-statism trend to new and offensive extremes by–get this–dictating what color your car can be.

Here’s the logic:

This strategy is based on measures to reduce the solar heat gain in a vehicle parked in the sun. A cooler interior would make drivers less likely to activate the air conditioner, which increases carbon dioxide emissions.

This is the California EPA website where they talk about their “Cool Cars” initiative, and this is their “Cool Cars” presentation.

This reminds me of the old Soviet Union where every detail of your life was micromanaged and approved by the politburo.

Our Founders and the Constitution they wrote rightly acknowledged that government has a very limited role.  Government should only perform the essential tasks that people can’t perform on their own (e.g. national defense, oversee interstate commerce, etc.).

They realized that the bigger the government, the bigger it’s appetite for power…and the more God-given rights of the people it would devour.

It appears the government in California is ravenous.

Isn’t it about time we told these wackos where they can stick their earth-w0rshipping environmentalist religion?  While we still have a little freedom left?

The Tax Day Tea Parties might be a great day to do that, too.  Reminiscent of the original Boston Tea Party, in addition to throwing some tea into the water, people in California might think about throwing some politburo-approved reflective paint in, too.

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