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White House, Congressional Hypocrites Took AIG Loot

If the White House and many in Congress are going to demonize AIG for honoring their contractual obligations to pay out bonuses–something the Obama Administration, Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) and everyone who voted for the bailout legislation authorized them to do–then perhaps these bastions of financial virtue should consider giving up their booty received from […]

Mainstream Media Hopes and Nopes

From our friends at Americans for Limited Government.

Homosexual Couple Sues Christian Hotel Owners

Reprinted by permission of the Christian Post By Anne Thomas Christian Today Reporter Mon, Mar. 23 2009 10:17 AM EDT LONDON – A Christian couple is being sued after they refused to let a homosexual couple stay together at their seaside hotel. Martyn Hall and his civil partner, Steven Paddy, are suing Peter and Hazelmary […]

Poll: Economy Not Affecting Church Attendance

Reprinted by permission of the Christian Post By Audrey Barrick Christian Post Reporter Mon, Mar. 23 2009 09:31 AM EDT Church attendance in the United States has hardly shifted since the economy went south, recent surveys show. In the latest Gallup Poll findings, there have been no significant changes in the percentages of Americans who […]

Former Commerce Nominee: Obama Budget Will Bankrupt USA

Senator Judd Gregg: this is the guy Obama wanted for his Commerce Secretary. Maybe we now see why he declined (he didn’t want to share the blame for the United States going financially down the tubes). Budget deficits that run in the trillions and make up 4-5% of the nation’s GDP are, as Gregg says, […]

Ridgefield Tea Party and Video of Orlando Tea Party

The News-Times tells of yet another a Tea Party which occurred over the weekend.  A couple were held in the larger cities of Orland and Raleigh, but one also happened in the smaller town of Ridgefield, Connecticut. From the News-Times: And yet there they were, about 300 strong, lining both sides of Main Street in […]

Henry: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

American Minute from William J. Federer Britain imposed the 1764 Currency Act, 1764 Sugar Act, 1765 Stamp Act, 1765 Quartering Act, 1766 Declaratory Act, 1767 Townshend Act, 1773 Tea Act, 1774 Boston Port Act, 1774 Justice Act, 1774 Massachusetts Government Act, 1774 Quartering Act, 1774 Quebec Act, and 1775 Proclamation of Rebellion. On MARCH 23, […]

Lesbian Woman Makes Third Ordination Attempt in Presbyterian Church

Reprinted by permission of the Christian Post By Eric Young Christian Post Reporter Sun, Mar. 22 2009 04:50 PM EDT An openly gay woman in San Francisco is attempting for a third time to become ordained within the Presbyterian Church (USA), the largest Presbyterian denomination in the United States. Lisa Larges, a deacon at Noe […]

New North American Anglican Provice Accepted by Church of Nigeria

Reprinted by permission of the Christian Post By Lillian Kwon Christian Post Reporter Sat, Mar. 21 2009 03:10 PM EDT The Church of Nigeria, the largest province in the Anglican Communion, has become the first to formally accept a new orthodox province emerging in North America. Although official recognition from the entire 77 million-member Anglican […]