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British Parliamentarian Warns US About Socialized Health Care

By now you may have seen the video of British MEP Daniel Hannan ripping Prime Minister Gordon Brown for his inept leadership of Great Britain. Hannan was on Sean Hannity’s show a few days ago and while he talked about this incident, he talked about something that may ultimately be more relevant and important for […]

North Dakota Wary of More Flooding

Reprinted by permission of the Christian Post By Audrey Barrick Christian Post Reporter Tue, Mar. 31 2009 03:35 PM EDT Residents near the Red River are remaining alert despite receding water levels from last week’s flooding. A snowstorm that began Monday and continued into Tuesday has kept residents in Fargo, N.D., and Moorhead, Minn., on […]

Waking Up One Morning to Tyranny

Marie Jon’ Imagine waking up one morning prepared to do your daily Bible study and discovering that Exodus Chapter 20 had been completely erased. The Ten Commandments were missing. Of course, you would wonder what possibly could have happened. You then become panicked as you quickly turn to the New Testament, only to discover that […]

Vermont Gov Decision to Veto Homosexual ‘Marriage’ Bill Prompts Mail

Reprinted by permission of the Christian Post By Nathan Black Christian Post Reporter Tue, Mar. 31 2009 10:07 AM EDT Before Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas announced that he will veto a same-sex marriage bill, the majority of his letters and e-mails showed opposition to the measure. Days after his announcement, most of his mail is […]

Churches Adjusting to Help More in Tough Economic Times

Reprinted by permission of the Christian Post By Audrey Barrick Christian Post Reporter Tue, Mar. 31 2009 12:40 PM EDT Although churchgoers have been generous in their offerings amid economic woes, churches have still had to make major adjustments to respond to community needs and adapt to the challenging times. A new survey by LifeWay […]

Rapid City Tea Party Meeting Rescheduled

I just received word from Senator Gordon Howie, the leader of the Rapid City Tax Day Tea Party, that due to the blizzard our organizational meeting scheduled for today has been rescheduled to Thursday April 2 at 11:30 am at Godfather’s Pizza in the meeting room.  Godfathers is at 110 North Campbell Street not far […]

Connecticut AG Oblivious to the Rule of Law

If you respect the law (as I try to do), and if you try to respect the office of those entrusted to uphold our laws (as I try to do), you will probably find this segment with Glenn Beck and Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal as painful to watch as I do. This man is […]

Newsbusted Conservative Comedy 3/31/2009

Topics in today’s show: — The Obama administration renames the war on terror — The Afghanistan surge — Earth hour — Rihanna and Chris Brown take a break

Where the Mansions are Ready

Koke’e State Park in Hawaii American Minute from William J. Federer Henry Opukahai’a was an orphan raised by his uncle to be a pagan priest but he became disillusioned with rituals and chants and left Hawaii for New England with a friend, Thomas Hopu. They were befriended by Yale students and became the first Hawaiian […]

Born Again American or Repackaged Anti-American?

Tonchi Weaver, a fellow patriot in Rapid City, brought to my attention the “Born Again American” site today. On the surface, this website may initially strike one as good, patriotic, and traditional.  After all, it has the good ole’ red, white and blue colors; it speaks of love of country; it speaks of voter involvement; […]

The Difference Between Liberals and Conservatives

A new report released by the Barna Group found that liberals and conservatives differ greatly on their views about the Bible and other faith matters. For instance: Liberals are dramatically less likely than conservatives to say they believe that the Bible is totally accurate in all of its teachings (27 percent vs. 63 percent, respectively), […]

Survey: Liberals, Conservatives Differ Widely on Bible, Other Faith Matters

Reprinted by permission of the Christian Post By Jennifer Riley Christian Post Reporter Mon, Mar. 30 2009 04:08 PM EDT Social, political conservatives differ significantly from liberals regarding religious beliefs, according to a new study that compared the two groups on more than a dozen religious beliefs. Liberals are dramatically less likely than conservatives to […]

North Korean People Suffer as Govt Prepares Missile Launch

Reprinted by permission of the Christian Post By Michelle A. Vu Christian Post Reporter Mon, Mar. 30 2009 05:43 PM EDT While international attention is focused on North Korea’s rocket threat, a citizen living inside the country raised another concern that often is overlooked. According to a letter from a Christian in North Korea to […]

ELCA Panel Wrestles With Homosexual Clergy Policy

Reprinted by permission of the Christian Post By Lillian Kwon Christian Post Reporter Mon, Mar. 30 2009 03:42 PM EDT Three members of a task force in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America have released a statement, expressing their dissent against recommendations the panel made regarding homosexuality. “Because we firmly believe the current polices of […]

Pay No Attention to the PETA Behind the Curtain

The Center for Consumer Freedom pulls back the curtain on the hypocrisy of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animas (PETA). It seems they’re one of the biggest slaughterers of animals around. Today the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) published documents online showing that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) killed […]

The War on CO2 Isn’t About Science

Roman mosaic of Aion, god of eternity, in a celestial sphere decorated with zodiacal signs Alan Caruba’s latest column provides some simple bullet-point truths about the religion of global warming which demonstrate that adherents to this religion are believing in something as silly as ancient astrology: Here are a few things you need to keep […]

A Dream Team to Tear Down the United States

With the Clinton Administration of the 1990s, many of us were tempted to believe it wasn’t possible to form a more corrupt, immoral and anti-American group of bureaucrats than did Bill Clinton. President Barack Obama is proving that belief to be incorrect. A couple of month ago I took a look at assemblage of advocates […]

Al Gore Takes a Pass on Earth Hour

The earth-worshippers and Apostles of the Religion of Global Warming held a revival Saturday night called “Earth Hour” where everyone was supposed to turn off their lights to save our planet from erupting into a ball of fire. Not everyone participated, though. I heard that some folks were going to turn on every light they […]

Spearfish, Tea and Yankton South Dakota Tea Parties

Bill Nachatilo We now have five cities in South Dakota planning Tax Day Tea Parties. A few weeks ago, the people of Sioux Falls announced they would be joining hundreds of other cities across the nation in a Tax Day Tea Party to protest the gross irresponsibility coming from Washington D.C. Last week, the people […]

We Have Forgotten God

Allan Pinkerton, President Abraham Lincoln, and Major General John A. McClernand at Antietam American Minute from William J. Federer During the Civil War, after issuing his Emancipation Proclamation, President Abraham Lincoln set a National Day of Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer, MARCH 30, 1863, stating: “It is the duty of nations…to own their dependence upon the […]

Texas School Board Invites Critique of Scientific Theories

Reprinted by permission of the Christian Post By Audrey Barrick Christian Post Reporter Sat, Mar. 28 2009 04:10 PM EDT In a final vote, the Texas Board of Education approved on Friday new language that requires science teachers to encourage students to “critique” and examine “all sides” of scientific theories. In adopting the new science […]

State Department Releases List of Countries Violating Religious Freedom

Reprinted by permission of the Christian Post By Ethan Cole Christian Post Reporter Sat, Mar. 28 2009 12:23 PM EDT The State Department headed under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released this week the religious freedom violator blacklist designated by the Bush administration in January before leaving office. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice re-designated […]

Tea Party in Buffalo New York Yesterday

There was a Tea Party protest in Buffalo, New York yesterday. Reports indicate about 1,000 people showed up. This one seemed to have a heavy emphasis on local political ineptitude, and that’s certainly okay. While the most incompetent, wasteful and egregious taxing-and-spending is being done on the federal level, in many ways that is simply […]

The Week in Conservative Thought

Great moments in conservative thought this week…

The Righteous Government Over the Children of Men

President John Tyler American Minute from William J. Federer Tenth President John Tyler was born MARCH 29, 1790. He was the first Vice-President ever to assume the Presidency when William Henry Harrison died after only one month in office. To mourn Harrison’s death, President John Tyler’s first act was to proclaim a National Day of […]