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New Boston Tea Party: A Little Revolution Now and Then

Did you see the firey speech given by CNBC analyst Rick Santelli on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange this morning?  If not, check it out below. For an 80’s child like me, it gets me thinking “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”   we’ll Fight The Powers That Be Just don’t Pick Our Destiny ’cause you Don’t […]

South Dakota Legislative Recap Feb. 19, 2009

 [TABLE=46] For more information check the bill list at the South Dakota Legislature website.

Christian Conservative Leaders Staying Positive

Even though faced by a liberal White House and Congress, conservatives aren’t running–they’re on the offensive. Leaders of pro-family groups from across America met in Washington, D.C., this week to discuss how best to oppose the liberal social agenda. They also highlighted some good news out of Hollywood and on campus. Stuart Shepard talks with […]

2076: Can America Make It?

By Howie Rich Americans for Limited Government  More than perhaps any other nation in human history, the United States of America needs to brush up on its own history. After all, a Republic founded 233 years ago in defiance of fiscal tyranny has once again succumbed to it – only this time we have no […]

Why Is Religion Taboo in American Schools?

Our young people are growing up in a world in which GOD is the new four-letter word. Look around and you will find that while it is permissible for children in many public school systems and homes to read novels with graphic language and watch sexually explicit commercials on TV, talking about God or religion […]

Homosexual Sex Driving AIDS Epidemic in Asia

LifeSiteNews highlights a report from the World Health Organization which says homosexual sex is “fueling” an AIDS/HIV epidemic in Asia: “Studies show that at present, the proportion of HIV infections being transmitted among men who have sex with men is larger and more significant than we had originally believed,” said Dr Massimo Ghidinelli, WHO Regional […]

How is the Trust Discharged?

American Minute from William J. Federer  The groans of a dying man kept him awake in the little inn outside New York. He was hardened to the cries because a college friend at Brown University had persuaded him to be an atheist. The next morning he learned the man who died in the night was […]

South Dakota Legislative Update Feb. 19, 2009

 [TABLE=45] For more information check the bill list at the South Dakota Legislature website.