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Democrats Grab Rights and Wealth Without Debate: Health Care

Both Mr. Ellis and I have written recent posts (…here, here and here) about a subject that most Americans are, at best, only vaguely aware, but which will change the way medical care will be delivered for many years to come.  I am referring to electronic medical records (EMR), also called computerized medical records in […]

Roundhouse Dinner and a Movie: Fireproof

If you’re going to be in Lead, South Dakota Saturday evening February 21, treat your honey to dinner and a movie at the Roundhouse Restaurant. All aboard for the Roundhouse Restaurant!   Showing Fireproof, the movie that can help save your marriage if you’re in trouble, or strengthen it no matter what.   Saturday February […]

The Left Hates the Idea of Nuclear Family

In an interview with, author Ann Coulter said the left hates the idea of the nuclear family. Why, you might ask as a sane person, would the Left hate the idea of the nuclear family? Well, it makes a twisted sort of sense if you’re a socialist who wants to grow government, and a […]

The Origin of Valentine’s Day

American Minute from William J. Federer  In the 3rd century, Emperor Claudius II was faced with defending the Roman Empire from the invading Goths. He believed single men made better soldiers so he temporarily forbade marriage. He also forced the Senate to deify the former Emperor Gallienus, including him with the Roman gods to be […]

Root of nation’s economic crisis is moral crisis

STAR PARKER FOUNDER & PRESIDENT COALITION ON URBAN RENEWAL & EDUCATION A travesty of justice has occurred in Oakland, California. But realities surrounding this local issue point to how the economic crisis in our nation is symptomatic of and flows from a deeper fundamental moral crisis. A black pastor awaits sentencing, which could amount to […]