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Pro-Family Group Expands to Twitter, Facebook

Pro-family news, commentary and video from CitizenLink is now available to the millions of people on Facebook and Twitter. The pro-family organization is taking greater advantage of internet and social working technology to make pro-family information more widely available. CitizenLink’s Twitter feed is here and their Facebook page is here. The Dakota Voice Twitter feed […]

Today’Notable Quotes 2/4/2009

“What’s been going on in a lot of these votes is that some folks are just scared to death quite frankly of the new president and his polling numbers and sort of holding under the table” – Senator David Vitter (R-LA) (Source: The Politico) (Vitter insisted that that “half” of the Senate Republicans are intimidated by […]

South Dakota Legislative Recap 2/4/2009

[TABLE=19] For more information check the bill list at the South Dakota Legislature website.

Barney Frank: No Reservations about Borrowing Billions from Communist Thugs

It seems Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) has no problems with the United States borrowing billions from communist thugs. The national economy has taken a huge hit recently, leaving the United States economically weak and vulnerable–and our military strength depends on our economic strength to keep it ready.  Yet Frank has no qualms about borrowing huge […]

Humanist Group Contends Atheism on the Rise

Reprinted by permission of the Christian Post By Katherine T. Phan Christian Post Reporter Wed, Feb. 04 2009 09:00 AM EST  A humanist group released a report disputing the results of Baylor University’s 2008 Religion Survey, arguing that it is atheism, not religiosity, that is on the rise in America. The report on Monday by the […]

Obama Oops Machine

From our friends at Americans for Limited Government.

Another Planned Parenthood Rape Coverup

You might remember a few months ago some girls went to some Planned Parenthood clinics undercover, posing as under-age girls who were pregnant by adult males–otherwise known as statutory rape.    And the Planned Parenthood workers encouraged the girls not to tell the age of their adult boyfriends?  A violation of the law requiring Planned […]

South Dakota Legislature Considers Repeal of Ban on Embryonic Stem Cell Research

A bill to remove South Dakota’s restrictions against embryonic stem cell research was introduced yesterday in the state senate. SB 195 would strike from SDCL 34-14 the language prohibiting human embryos from being used for research.  The bill was sponsored by Senators Nesselhuf, Adelstein, Nelson, and Turbak Berry and Representatives Engels, Blake, Cutler, Dreyer, Hoffman, Hunhoff […]

Dietrich Bonhoeffer on Faith and Politics

American Minute from William J. Federer Jimmy Carter, in his book Sources of Strength, 1997, wrote: “Rev. Niebuhr urged Dietrich Bonhoeffer to remain in America for his own safety. Bonhoeffer refused. He felt he had to be among the other Christians persecuted in Germany. So he returned home, and…in resistance to Hitler…preached publicly against Nazism, […]

NewsBusted Conservative Comedy 2/3/2008

Topics in this episode: –January was worst month ever for stock market –President Obama accidentally tries to walk through a window –Pittsburgh Steelers win the Super Bowl!  –Michael Steele wins the chairmanship of the GOP –Jimmy Carter claims Hamas can be trusted –McDonald’s profits up 80% compared to last year Starring: Jodi Miller Director: Bruce […]

South Dakota Legislative Update 2/4/2009

[TABLE=16] For more information check the bill list at the South Dakota Legislature website.