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Senator Thune on Neal Cavuto

Senator John Thune on “Your World with Neal Cavuto” discussing the porkulus, er, stimulus bill and Tom Daschle’s failed nomination for Secretary of Health.

New Administration Bringing New Stem-Cell Policy

From today’s FocusAction TurnSignal: A poll shows 65 percent of Americans were unhappy with President Barack Obama’s reversal of the Mexico City Policy, but pro-lifers still worry he’ll make good on his promise to expand embryonic stem-cell research. Adult stem cell research involves using stem cells from an adult person to develop therapies for that […]

South Dakota Legislative Recap 2/3/2009

 [TABLE=15]   For more information check the bill list at the South Dakota Legislature website.

Stimulus Bill Stimulates Religious Discrimination

Reprinted by permission of the Christian Post By Katherine T. Phan Christian Post Reporter Tue, Feb. 03 2009 03:12 PM EST The economic stimulus bill before the Senate contains a provision that would discriminate against religious activity, according to a Christian legal firm. The legislative team at American Center for Law and Justice has noticed that […]

Poll: Overseas Abortion Funding Least Favorable Obama Decision

Reprinted by permission of the Christian Post By Lawrence Jones Christian Post Reporter Tue, Feb. 03 2009 04:40 PM EST Among the several major actions President Obama has taken in the early days of his office, his decision to reverse the prohibition on funding for overseas abortion providers was the least popular, the latest Gallup Poll […]

Churches Step Up for Ice Storm Victims

Reprinted by permission of the Christian Post By Jennifer Riley Christian Post Reporter Tue, Feb. 03 2009 01:56 PM EST Churches and their affiliated relief arms are opening their doors and providing aid to help residents in the Midwest struck by a severe ice storm that had left more than a million homes and businesses without […]

An Autopsy of a Failed Govt Health Care System

The Heartland Institute examines a recent article by Dr. Paul Hsieh, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Medicine on the debacle the Massachusetts experiment in forced health care coverage has become. Hsieh describes how Mass. instituted this utopian wonder: The state would establish a quasi-governmental authority known as the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector […]

Daschle Nomination Dashed

Liberal hearts are breaking all across South Dakota today as former senator (I just love saying “former senator” in conjunction with the name “Tom Daschle”) withdraws his nomination for President Obama’s Health Secretary. Daschle’s nomination has been in trouble since it was revealed he owed over $100,000 in unpaid taxes.  Daschle also has a record […]

Hundreds of Professors Oppose ‘Stimulus’ Plan

Hundreds of professors, including some Nobel laureates, have signed an ad paid for by the Cato Institute which opposes the “Porkulus” bill which is ostensibly to stimulate the economy. Notwithstanding reports that all economists are now Keynesians and that we all support a big increase in the burden of government, we the undersigned do not […]

Daschle Out. America Cares.

Daschle announced his withdrawl from his nomination as Health and Human Services Secretary. Daschle has admitted failing to pay taxes in excess of $100,000 but insists it was an innocent mistake and no penalties were accrued (Gee, I wonder if the IRS would be so nice to me?). The budget for HHS was in excess […]

Tom Daschle’s Voting Record on Taxes

Americans for Tax Reform has an interesting look at former senator Tom Daschle’s voting record on taxes:   In 2004, Daschle voted against keeping the Internet free of all sales taxes.  In 2003, Daschle voted against reducing the capital gains and dividend rates to 15%.  In 2003, Daschle voted against permanently killing the Death Tax. […]

Nursing in Great Britain: Offering Comfort Not Allowed

Almost daily come signs of an all-out war on religious faith, with the overwhelming majority of it aimed squarely at the Christian faith.  I realize the story I’m about to examine occurred in Great Britain, and they do not enjoy the same freedoms, religious liberties, and constitutional protections we enjoy here in the United States.  […]

Shepherds in War

American Minute from William J. Federer On the frigid night of FEBRUARY 3, 1943, the Allied ship Dorchester plowed through the waters near Greenland. At 1:00am, a Nazi submarine fired a torpedo into its flank, killing many in the explosion and trapping others below deck. It the ensuing chaos, four chaplains: a priest, a rabbi […]

South Dakota Legislative Update 2/3/2009