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Imagine There’s No Global Warming

Imagine there’s no global warming. I can. Can you?          

Where Life Remains…

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is coming up January 18.  The day is set aside to recognize the sanctity of human life, from conception to natural death.  What can you do to uphold the sanctity of human life? “After the car accident, I lapsed into a coma. I could still breathe, and I could swallow. But that […]

Coast Guard Video of US Airways Jet Hitting the Water

This is raw video footage from the U.S. Coast Guard of the US Airways jet actually hitting the water in the Hudson River, and of the first moments after the crash. What an incredible landing!  Such a controlled landing in water is very rare.  The pilot must have had tremendous focus, concentration and skill to […]

Will Obama’s Marriage Policy Match His Rhetoric?

The Heritage Foundation recently released a couple of papers and videos on the importance of marriage. While this is not a surprise, they did so specifically in light of comments President-Elect Barack Obama has made regarding marriage. While Obama sends mixed signals (to say the least) on marriage, he has made statements that, if taken […]

The Patriot and the Battle of Cowpens

American Minute from William J. Federer Mel Gibson’s movie “The Patriot” depicted the Battle of Cowpens, JANUARY 17, 1781, where American General Daniel Morgan had a line of militia fire into British General Cornwallis’ and Colonel Tarleton’s dragoons, regulars, Highlanders and loyalists. When the Americans retreated, the British pursued, only to be surprised by American […]

Changing Back to the Old Change

When the change you get is a change back to the same old change you got 16 years ago, have things really changed much? So it is when Barack Obama wants change and sells change and claims change…but we get the Clinton administration all over again with one exception: no Bill Clinton  More of the […]

Obama has little in common with Lincoln

  STAR PARKER FOUNDER & PRESIDENT COALITION ON URBAN RENEWAL & EDUCATION It’s ironic that Barack Obama chooses to infuse these opening days of his presidency with the imagery of Abraham Lincoln. I don’t think there could be two more different men. Understanding why may help us think about what to expect in the days […]