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The Archaeological Evidence Surrounding Sodom

This is a very interesting video about some of the archaeological and geological finds around the Dead Sea in Israel, specifically in the area where the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah once existed.   It is interesting that in all the centuries that skeptics have been attempting to disprove the claims of the Bible, not one […]

Love Won Out to be Broadcast to Millions

Focus on the Family’s Love Won Out conference to help homosexuals leave the homosexual lifestyle is set to be broadcast live on God TV starting January 16.   The conference has a message that says God does not want people to live that way, and that change is possible if they want it.   The event […]

Couple Refuses Abortion for Cojoined Twins

Reprinted by permission of the Christian Post By Aaron J. Leichman Christian Post Reporter Wed, Jan. 14 2009 01:17 PM EST A pregnant woman who discovered last week that she is carrying a rare form of conjoined twins has pledged not to abort them. Doctors say there is only about a 20 percent chance of […]

Roe v. Wade v. Me

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is coming up January 18.  The day is set aside to recognize the sanctity of human life, from conception to natural death.  What can you do to uphold the sanctity of human life? What if we didn’t have to wait for a new Supreme Court decision? What if a windfall […]

The Washington Plan: Money for Nothing

The liberals in Washington have a great plan for the economic mess: spending tomorrow’s stability on today’s problems caused by yesterday’s ineptitude. From our friends at Americans for Limited Government.

Positive Traits of Teens Who Practice Abstinence

While thousands of people around the United States are paying the price for sexual irresponsibility with soaring rates of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), others are taking the tougher but higher road of sexual abstinence–with tremendous rewards. In addition to remaining disease-free, sexual responsibility provides many real-world benefits above and beyond a clear conscience. CitizenLink examines […]

The Politics of Insanity: Releasing Gitmo POWS Back to Terrorism

  While there is every indication that President-elect Barack Obama will close Club Gitmo, aka the terrorist POW camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba,  we continue to see evidence that it has done us a service for national security and could continue to do so. Though some prisoners have been released about 250 remain.   In […]

Sexually Transmitted Disease Rates: As High as Our Hormones

Reuters is reporting on the latest release from the Centers for Disease Control on Sexually Transmitted Diseases. I wrote yesterday about the increase in Sexually Transmitted Diseases in South Dakota at my Red County blog, but it seems South Dakota isn’t the only place to see an increase.  Nationwide, STDs are skyrocketing. While the full report shows […]

Albert Schweitzer the Blockhead

American Minute from William J. Federer Albert Schweitzer was born JANUARY 14, 1875, in a village in Alsace, Germany. A Lutheran pastor’s son and acclaimed for playing the organ, he earned doctorates in philosophy and theology, was pastor of St. Nicholai’s Church, principal of St. Thomas College, and professor at University of Strasbourg. Then, at […]