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Ready to Rumble

  Here at the end of the first day for the new new Dakota Voice, things are looking good! Though the initial launch was a smidge rocky, things have gone pretty smooth after leaving dry dock behind.   I’ve added a few of those bells and whistles during the day that I ran out of […]

Media Sides With Terrorists

Terrorism expert Steve Emerson points out that the New York Times and other media outlets side with terrorists, specifically the terrorists who continually attack Israel and intentionally kill civilians. He uses the very apt analogy of a media obsessed with giving both sides between the arsonist and the fireman. Do we seriously expect any country […]

The Meat and Drink of the Body Politic

American Minute from William J. Federer Grandson of Princeton president Jonathan Edwards, he could read at age 4 and entered Yale at 13. He was a chaplain in the Continental Army until his father died, when, as the eldest of 13, he worked the family farm to pay off debts. He was in Massachusetts’ first […]