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Agents of Tolerance Back in Business

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the Apostles of Tolerance, but they were back in the news last weekend. You’ve heard of the Apostles of Tolerance.  They are the homosexual activists and homosexual apologists who have for years preached tolerance to the rest of the world, specifically to Christians and others who understand […]

Despite Hysteria, Sea Ice Same as 30 Years Ago

You know, when I stuck my neck out several years ago and said, based primarily on the “smell test,” that the theory of anthropogenic global warming was full of hot air, I caught a lot of flack.  I still do, but it’s diminishing. That flack is diminishing because the nails upon which believers in this […]

Former Terrorist: Lasting Peace Not Possible With Hamas

By Eric Young Christian Post Reporter Mon, Jan. 05 2009 06:17 PM EST A stream of European leaders converged in Israel Monday to push for a truce in the violence-plagued Gaza Strip while U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, from America, continued making phone calls to numerous foreign leaders in pursuit of a cease-fire agreement. […]

Spontaneous Act of Kindness Sparks Club

By Jennifer Riley Christian Post Reporter Mon, Jan. 05 2009 01:48 PM EST A small, spontaneous act of kindness by a Chicago-area pastor has inspired the creation of the 365 Club – a Facebook group whose members are each committed to performing 365 acts of kindness in 2009. Since its founding last Friday, more than […]

Liberals Take Aim at State Secretary of State Offices

We don’t often think about the Secretary of State office of a given state to be that important or powerful.  Yet the Secretary of State usually oversees elections in the state, a duty which carries great responsibility. If laws are obeyed clearly and uniformly, still, the Secretary of State’s job means little power and political […]