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Obama Win Causes Obsessed Backers To See How Empty Lives Are

Barack Obama may be able to fix the economy…but what will he do about all these hurting, lost folks that his campaign has spawned?

Can the GOP Mammoth Be Restored?

“News Item: Cloning scientists create a living mouse from a dead, frozen mouse carcass. Many wonder if extinct animals can be restored…such as the mammoth.” From our friends at Americans for Limited Government.

Ghilarducci 401k Taxing Scheme Exposed

A couple of weeks ago it came to light that House Democrats were looking at taking away the tax breaks for 401(k) retirement accounts and implementing another socialist ponzi scheme–via a new 5% tax hike. Democrats are capitalizing on the recent economic downturn (which was of their own making) for this new opportunity to push […]

The Intolerance of the Tolerant: The Sequel

More of the intolerance of the tolerant. You know how homosexual activists and others on the Left preach the gospel of tolerance? Apparently tolerance is good for thee but not for me, in their eyes. This older lady brought a cross to a protest at the Palm Springs City Hall against California’s marriage protection amendment, […]

Doctor Livingstone, I Presume

American Minute from William J. Federer “Doctor Livingstone, I presume,” was the greeting NOVEMBER 10, 1871, by New York Herald newspaper reporter Henry Stanley as he met David Livingstone on the banks of Lake Tanganyika. Livingstone, an internationally known missionary in Africa, had not been heard from in years and rumor was he had died. […]

Gov. Palin Back Home

(Photo courtesy of ADN) The Anchorage Daily News has an interview that can be seen at their website. In this interview we see the Governor in a casual setting at home with husband and children. She proves what many of us have said, that she was over-managed by the McCain campaign and if left to […]