Obama Talks About the Job Terrorist Bill Ayers Gave Him

In multiple clips in this video, Barack Obama talks about his association with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers (not “just a guy in the neighborhood”), the group of which both served together on the board, and other dealings with Ayers.

From the YouTube publisher:

Amazing Video Found of Obama saying the job Ayers gave him is one of his major qualifications for political office. In this video he also calls Rev Meeks and Father Pfleger friends. A must see.

2 Responses to “Obama Talks About the Job Terrorist Bill Ayers Gave Him”

  1. I am surprised that Americans are spending time on what I call “scare tactics” instead “grilling” the 2 presidential candidates to find out who has the better solution to the present economic crisis that has the potential to inflict untold hardships and embarrassment on Billions of people in the world. It is a pity. If America fail themselves and the world, God will raise another “nation” to lead the world; chances are such a new “nation” will be anti-american.

  2. A great point about the need to examine the plans and abilities of the candidates to address the economic crisis.

    However, Barack Obama’s associations with people who hate America and all our greatest ideals is quite possibly of even greater importance.

    Why would we entrust the nation’s highest office to someone surrounded by people who have zero respect for America and what makes her great?