Banned SNL Skit on Financial Crisis Now Online

You need to see the banned Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit on the subprime meltdown. It was taken off YouTube–it was probably WAY over the line of honesty and candor allowed by liberal YouTube–but someone managed to bring it back to the internet.

HT to my fellow Red County blogger Dr. Richard Swier for pointing out this truth-telling and funny video.

Go here to see this great video at Pat Dollard.

You’ll seldom see this much truth and accuracy in a skit produced by a pop-culture entity.

Among the many truths illustrated in this, it also points out they utter hypocrisy of the “bipartisan” drivel spouted by the Democrats…all the while they are backstabbing and bashing President Bush, who has done more than anyone in decades to promote good relations between the parties.

Go watch it NOW.

4 Responses to “Banned SNL Skit on Financial Crisis Now Online”

  1. The skit wasn’t banned. I watched it live. Also, the skit was copyrighted like all TV shows, which is why it was taken off YouTube. All copyrighted videos are yanked off YouTube once the company discovers them.

    YouTube liberal? You do know that YouTube videos are posted by the public, right?

  2. Yes, Braden, I knew YouTube videos are posted by the public.

    Did you know that they have a nasty habit of pulling videos that are too indicting of their liberal bias–even ones with no conceivable copyright issues?

  3. Well I have seen a lot of videos on YouTube calling Obama a Muslim and saying all sorts of weird theories about him. I’m just saying if YouTube had a liberal bias I would think these would get pulled as well.

  4. Good point, but I think the YouTube folks look at ones like that and surmise that most folks aren’t going to buy into those anyway. The ones that are the most “dangerous” to them are the ones that tell simple, easy-to-grasp truths, or have a viral nature and thus will spread an uncomfortable truth too easily.