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SDSMA to Pro-Abortion Campaign: Stop Misrepresenting Us

As we mentioned earlier today, the pro-abortion South Dakota Campaign for UnHealthy Families has been instructed by the South Dakota State Medical Association (SDSMA) to discontinue their TV ads which misrepresent the SDSMA in the anti-Initiated Measure 11 campaign. LifeNews is now also reporting on this development. The doctors group is now on the list […]

Greatest Obama Qualification: Not Being Republican

What is it with Barack Obama’s disciples? They hail him as messiah…yet can’t name any of his accomplishments. You might recall that, before Chris Matthews got that tingle up his leg for Obama, he grilled an Obamite on some of Obama’s accomplishments…and he couldn’t name a single one. This video shows Morning Joe host Joe […]

Latest Yes on 11 Ad Dispels Pro-Abortion Propaganda

I received the latest ad in the mail today. It refutes some of the latest propaganda coming out of the UnHealthy Families gang to fool South Dakotans into voting against the most reasonable abortion bill anyone could come up with. It points out: – The exceptions are clearly written, not confusing and vague as […]

Dictators Mock Obama’s Ignorance

This video shows a meeting of the League of Rogue Nations and Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad taking a call from President Barack Obama. President Obama is eager to sit down with them without precondition. “Tuesday is no good. Thursday they’ll be busy enriching uranium, er, the bowling league night.” As the ad humorously points out, Obama’s […]

Preconditions Our Enemies Have for Obama

Barack Obama may be willing to sit down without precondition with our enemies and the enemies of our allies, but those enemies definitely have some preconditions. They’d like to wipe Israel off the map and have the U.S. run home with its tail between its legs. That’s not leadership. It’s the kind of yellow diplomacy […]

Obama: ‘I don’t believe people should be able to own guns’

Barack Obama tells us he supports Second Amendment gun rights. But then, he’s also told us domestic terrorist Bill Ayers was just “a guy in my neighborhood”…before he told us he didn’t know about Ayers’ terrorist past…before he told us he thought Ayers had been “rehabilitated.” Like he also told us the cutoff for his […]

LA Times: Protecting a Source…Or Protecting Obama?

If you’ve heard about the tape of Barack Obama toasting terrorist thug spokesman Rashid Khalidi, you probably haven’t heard about it from the “mainstream” media. Khalidi is a University of Chicago professor and Palestine Liberation Organization spokesman. The PLO is a very well-funded terrorist organization. They have bombed school buses, hijacked planes, taken school children […]

Pro-Abortion Campaign Told to Stop Misrepresenting Medical Association

SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota, October 28 /Christian Newswire/ — South Dakota State Medical Association has been added to the list of those that have asked “South Dakota Healthy Families” a pro-abortion activist group, to cease and desist using their name in all of their ads and print pieces. The group has been using these medical […]

For Christians, Far More Than the Economy is at Stake in the Election

By Marie Jon’ Christians founded this nation, and they will either save it or let fall into the hands of a Socialist-Marxist and his minions. By refusing to vote for Sen. John McCain, Christians will bear a huge portion of responsibility for abandoning their nation in its time of greatest need. Only a massive turnout […]

Elli Schwiesow on Education Funding

Dakota Voice continues our series from an issues-interview with Independent District 32 senate candidate Elli Schwiesow. Schwiesow, a life-long Republican, is running against incumbent Democrat Tom Katus and Republican Stan Adelstein. In this series, Schwiesow has discussed her stand on the issues of taxes, Second Amendment rights, universal preschool, energy, Native American issues, and Initiated […]

Abortion, Choice, and Libertarian Principles, Part 2

Pro-choice” was once a fine libertarian term. Today, it is a code word for abortion until birth. The libertarian meaning of the right to privacy also has been spoiled. The charge against abortion is that it is homicide, the killing of one person by another, and no homicide is a matter of privacy. by Doris […]