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Obama’s Pastor Roughs It in Mansion With 4-Car Garage

Barack Obama’s racist, anti-American pastor Jeremiah Wright seems to be doing okay these days. Jesse Waters from Fox News went out to the reverends new mansion to take a look around and see how he was surviving in this terrible land of oppression known as the U.S. of K.K.K. America. Wright’s mansion has a four-car […]

Obama Tax Cut Cutoff Drops Like Marxist Currency Value

Looks like Barack Obama’s tax cut thresh hold is dropping like a Marxist citizen’s hopes of ever being free. WorldNetDaily points out that the magic $250,000 figure recently touted by Obama to be worthy of a tax cut has dropped. It hit $200,000, and is now reported to have dropped to $150,000. This sounds a […]

Obama: Dangerously Unqualified on the International Front

Great new John McCain ad! It points out that Iran is a major sponsor of terrorism with nuclear intentions and belligerence toward our ally Israel and to America itself. But Barack Obama lacks the fundamental understanding of evil necessary to recognize the threat from Iran. He sees it as “tiny” and unimportant (after all, there’s […]

Obama Disdain for ‘White Folks’

This is a lengthy video (about 10 minutes) but reveals a disappointing picture of Barack Obama’s opinion of ethnic issues and “white folks.” This brings back memories of Obama’s racist pastor of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright, who seemed to hate whites and even successful blacks. It is indisputable that black Americans have received a raw […]

Obama Embrace of Marxism Goes Back to Youth

Bill Sammon has a piece at Fox News which clearly points to Barack Obama’s Marxist leanings going back to his college days. Despite Joe Biden’s feeble attempt to laugh off Obama’s Marxism, the color red continues to deepen over the Obama trail. We know about Obama’s Marxist, racist, America-hating pastor of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright. […]

The Founders on Socialism

If you’re a faithful Dakota Voice reader, you already know how the Founders viewed Marxism (even before it had this name), wealth redistribution, and public charity. If so, you know, then–whether you accept it or not–that until the last 50 years or so, America’s history is one of private and voluntary charity, not government-mandated charity. […]

Dakota Voice BallotPedia Ballot Endorsements

You’ve probably heard of Wikipedia, the online pop-encyclopedia (the one you have to be careful about with regard to accuracy–anyone can edit it). A “wiki” is a web site that has many contributors and collaborators who add to the content of the website. Another wiki site is According to the “about” page, BallotPedia “focuses […]

Movie About a Live-Birth Abortion Attempt Stuns Audiences

A new movie called “22weeks” is shocking viewers, even in early private showings. It’s about a woman who ends up locked in a restroom and gives birth. From WorldNetDaily: The mother in the true story, identified only as Angele, since she has asked her last name not be used, was scheduled to have her 22-week […]

Obama Raises a Red Flag

Barack Obama’s Marxist “spread the wealth” talk should be a big red flag to all the freedom-loving red-white-and-blue Americans out there. From our friends at Americans for Limited Government.

Limbaugh on the Polls and Media Strategy for Dem Victory

Rush Limbaugh analysis of the polls on Fox News. Limbaugh points out exactly how the “mainstream” media uses poll: not to measure public opinion, but to shape it. They ask questions crafted to illicit a desired response, then use those “results” to further instruct the rest of the public of where the herd is going, […]

Abortion, Choice, and Libertarian Principles, Part 1

Pro-choice” was once a fine libertarian term. Today, it is a code word for abortion until birth. The libertarian meaning of the right to privacy also has been spoiled. The charge against abortion is that it is homicide, the killing of one person by another, and no homicide is a matter of privacy. by Doris […]

South Dakota Family Policy Council Ad

The South Dakota Family Policy Council has a new pro-life ad out. The ad features a young woman and speaks in support of South Dakota’s Initiated Measure 11. The ad points out that abortion involves more than just one person’s body…and it involves more than listening to one’s own inner voice.

Obama: Party Like It’s 1984

Good retake on the retake of George Orwell’s 1984. Isn’t the worker’s paradise so beautiful? Let us follow The One into this glorious future! HT to our friends at the People’s Cube.

Another Attempt to Interview Terrorist Bill Ayers

Reporter Jesse Waters with the O’Reilly Factor tried last week to talk with domestic terrorist and Barack Obama-associate Bill Ayers, but with no luck. He asked Ayers outside Ayers’ home about his relationship with Barack Obama, provided Ayers an opportunity to apologize for his terrorist acts, and asked Ayers if it wasn’t time for some […]

O’Reilly Factor Interviews Reporter Who Asked Biden About Marxism

The O’Reilly Factor interviewed Barbara West, the journalist who interviewed Joe Biden last week and had the gall to ask him serious questions about Barack Obama’s Marxist philosophies. (see video below) Once again West was very businesslike and straightforward. She said she also asked John McCain tough questions in a recent interview, and based on […]