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Kids Understand what Jolie, Pitt Don’t

It seems not only is it instinctive that men and women who want to start a family should marry, even children of Hollywood liberals understand this (until their liberal parents successfully lead them off track). Fox News reports actress Angelina Jolie says her children watched two cartoon characters from the movie Shrek get married and […]

Radical Liberal Group Contributes $1.1 Million to Oppose Measure 10

For Immediate Release Pierre, SD – The radical left group, National Education Association contributed $1.1 million to the group opposing the South Dakota Open and Clean Government Act, YES on 10! You might have seen one of the ads from the No on 10’s big lie campaign. South Dakotans should feel comfortable in knowing that […]

Newsbusted Conservative Comedy 10/24/2008

Topics in today’s show: –Fidel Castro endorses Barack Obama; –Washington state accidentally sends ballots to felons –Warner Bros. blocks “Hanoi Hilton” to avoid helping John McCain –Movie about Dan Rather’s “Memogate” controversy? –Best Buy gets a new logo

Video: Obama on White Suburbia and Racism

Here is the video you’ve been hearing about. It’s of a 1995 interview–and more–of Barack Obama talking about how white Americans are racist and don’t want to pay taxes because inner-city black Americans might get their tax dollars. More promotion of victimhood over personal responsibility from The One, the Most Beneficent Lordship Barack Obama. We […]

Inviting Attack on America

I and others have said that Barack Obama’s soft approach and willingness to coddle evil around the world will invite evil to attack us. Obama doesn’t understand that when the thugs and dictators and terrorists and belligerent around the world see weakness in America, they aren’t impressed–it encourages them to strike a weak enemy. As […]

Consequences of Bad Judicial Appointments

Barack Obama has made it clear he would ignore qualifications and go for judges who would support his liberal agenda, regardless of whether they go against the Constitution. In fact, almost all liberal agenda items go against the Constitution. We need judges who will interpret law–not make law–and who will respect and uphold our Constitution […]

Forgotten Terrorist Manifesto: Prairie Fire

The investigative report at Zombietime has uncovered an old, almost-forgotten book written by Barack Obama’s associate Bill Ayers called Prairie Fire. Ayers is the domestic terrorist that Barack Obama served on a couple of boards with in Chicago and who helped launch Obama’s political career in his livingroom. Ayers is also the terrorist whose group […]

Hundreds of Doctors and Gynecologists Voting Yes on Measure 11

Hundreds of doctors and gynecologists across the length and breadth of South Dakota are voting yes on Initiated Measure 11 because it is clear to them that Measure 11 will end abortion as birth control. “It is unfortunate that the pro-abortion forces in America are determined to protect the abortion industry in South Dakota with […]

A Letter from a Christian in 2012 in Obama’s America

Focus on the Family Action has published a hypothetical letter from a Christian written in the year 2012 after four years of a Barack Obama presidency. The Letter from 2012 in Obama’s America is a startling but very possible–even likely–glimpse of what could happen. Obama has made it clear that he plans to gut marriage […]

I Care About More

As important as the economy is, I care about more than that. Do you?

Obama’s Tax Plan a Middle Class Slam

When you “stick it to the rich” and hit business with higher taxes, the middle class pays the price. Why should middle-class folks have to explain this to the man who wants to be president?

Analysis of McCain and Obama Tax Plans

A brief but good analysis of John McCain’s tax plan and Barack Obama’s tax plan. If you’re into economic growth, McCain’s plan is obviously the way to go. If you’re into greed and envy, and want to stick it to someone who has more than you, Obama’s plan is obviously the way to go. Rea […]