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Analysis: Polls are Stacked Against Republicans

Ronald Kessler has an interesting piece at Newsmax which illustrates how the polls have been skewed against Republicans. And we’re not just talking about asking questions in a snide manner in order to nudge the respondent, or slanted questions to shove the respondent toward the answer you want. Sampling, of course, plays a big part. […]

Trick-or-Treating at Obama’s House

Look who’s Trick-or-Treating at Barack Obama’s house. And look who paid for the candy. From our friends at Americans for Limited Government.

Video: Inside Keloland with Joel Dykstra

KELO has posted their ‘Inside KELOLAND’ video with Joel Dykstra from a few evenings ago. This is the one that Senator Tim Johnson backed out of at the last minute. KELO even offered to videotape a segment with him at his convenience, and he declined. Joel Dykstra would represent South Dakota’s interest–and the interest of […]

Nice Try, Senator Obama

You tried to lead us off the scent of the trail to your relationship with your racist, anti-American pastor, but it didn’t work. You tried to lead us off the scent of the trail to your relationship with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, but it didn’t work. Nice try, Senator Obama. We were just a little […]

Hatin’ Palin: A Liberal Pastime

Only the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court hearings could rival the river of hate and animosity that has come out of the Left and their allies in the “mainstream” media over Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. In a month and a half, the media has investigated her and drilled her more than they have in over a […]

Homosexual Coming Out Day in Kindergarten

Homosexual activists and their “useful idiots” just can’t wait to indoctrinate your children to accept this immoral, unnatural and unhealthy behavior. WorldNetDaily reports kindergartners at Faith Ringgold School of Art and Science in Hayward, California are having Gay Straight Alliance clubs and “Coming Out Day” pushed on them. Can’t you even wait for them to […]

Thinking Beyond the Rhetoric and the Skin Color

Great ad! It would be great and historic to see America’s first black president…if he was a good man with a strong moral center, who thoroughly understood the principles of freedom and human dignity upon which America was founded. Unfortunately, we do not have a black candidate like that in the race this time. We […]

Mad Mike on The Engine of the Economy

Mad Mike explains a few things about business, jobs, the economy and taxes that liberals either don’t understand or don’t want to understand. Whether it’s just that they haven’t spent enough time in the real world, or they’re too enamored with Karl Marx’s writings, or whether envy and greed is just more attractive to them […]

Common Sense Energy Thinking

Let’s have some common sense energy solutions. One thing is guaranteed: you’re not going to get any from the Democrats.

House Democrats: Abolish 401k Tax Breaks, Create New Tax

What do Democrats do when they see a system or program that isn’t working? They throw more money at it, or recreate the same system under another name, or both. Social Security (or rather, Socialist Security) has been revealed as the glorified government-mandated ponzi scheme that it is, and the Democrats answer is to create […]

What to Do When in Doubt…

by Doris GordonLibertarians for LifeCopyright © January, 2003 Sooner or later in the debate over abortion, the question of “the person” must Did you catch Phil Donahue’s program about abortion? (CSNBC, January 8, 2003) A young woman in the audience asked Planned Parenthood’s president, Gloria Feldt, “Is it true that the fetus becomes a human […]

Sarah Palin Tribute Song – Rich & Mario

Every man needs a woman like this (I already have one like this), an All-American woman. America needs a woman like this, too!

Are You Joe the Plumber?

All hard-working self-sufficient Americans are Joe the Plumber.

Palin: Obama’s Looming Crisis is Biden’s Next Speech

Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin tells it like it is on Joe Biden’s ineptitude and Barack Obama’s lack of resolve and judgement–qualities necessary for a U.S. president in a dangerous world. Go, girl! “The real problem is that these warnings from Joe Biden are similar to his earlier assessment of Barack Obama. It wasn’t […]