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Behar Wouldn’t Know a Terrorist if One Blew Her Up

This ditsy Joy Behar woman from The View really needs to pull out a dictionary–or better yet, an encyclopedia and get caught up with intelligent folks. She says Rush Limbaugh is a terrorist (but, I’d venture, doesn’t see Barack Obama’s domestic terrorist associate Bill Ayers as one). She also fails to realize that Barack Obama’s […]

Sanford Health Letter: Initiated Measure 11 Fits Within Current Standards

Earlier today, the group supporting the pro-life Initiated Measure 11 in South Dakota, held a press conference to share a letter (see below) received from Sanford Health in Sioux Falls yesterday. An internal memo at Sanford was recently “leaked,” which pro-abortion forces in South Dakota made public. The memo expressed concerns that the medical […]

Fox News Picks Up on Ayers Anarchist Interview

Fox News and other media outlets are picking up on the 2002 interview of Barack Obama’s associate, the domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. See the video below for Fox coverage. This was the interview in which Ayers said things like: “I’m as much an anarchist as I am a Marxist.” – Bill Ayers, 2002 Seven days […]

Children’s Rights versus Murray Rothbard’s The Ethics of Liberty

by John WalkerLibertarians for LifeCopyright 1991 You may have read reviews of Murray Rothbard’s book The Ethics of Liberty (Humanities Press, 1982). Unfortunately, most of the reviews failed to cover (or barely touched upon) how he handles the questions of abortion and children’s rights. And it is on these issues that Dr. Rothbard shows why […]

Dr. James Dobson Interview with Gov. Sarah Palin

Dr. James Dobson recently interviewed Republican vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor Sarah Palin. Dobson and Palin talked about what it’s like on the campaign trail, how she’s bearing up under the unrelenting and unprecedented “mainstream” media assault on her and her family, and about her pro-life convictions. Click here to Focus on the Family […]

Yes on 8 Vandals Caught on Film

Supporters of Yes on 8, the California constitutional amendment to protect marriage known as Proposition 8, have been plagued with a lot of theft and vandalism of their signs. Interesting how the side of “tolerance” and “freedom” just can’t stand the freedom of someone else to defend marriage and normal sexual relations. They’ve struck a […]

When a Government Has Ceased to Protect

American Minute from William J. Federer OCTOBER 22, 1836, General Sam Houston was sworn in as the first President of the Republic of Texas. As a teenager, after his father died, Houston ran off to live with the Cherokee Indians on the Tennessee River, being adopted by Chief Oolooteka and given the name “Raven.” Three […]

Lien, Herseth Sandlin Debate Abortion, Other Issues

Some good coverage from the Rapid City Journal on last night’s debate between Republican U.S. House candidate Chris Lien and Democrat incumbent Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin. One of the topics discussed was abortion: Lien said abortion issues should be left to the discretion of states, not the federal government. Adding that he staunchly opposes abortion, […]

SD Family Policy Council Faith, Family, Freedom Bike Tour Under Way

Sioux Falls – With just two weeks until Election Day, South Dakota Family Policy Council “Faith, Family, Freedom Bike Tour – Standing for America’s First Freedoms ~ Vote your Values” is under way. The ride will cover nearly 500 miles visiting pastors and community leaders, concerned citizens, and churches, October 20 – October 28. It […]

America Will Be Very Sorry

By Marie Jon’ When all is said and done, if Sen. Barack Obama becomes President of the United States, I for one will not be celebrating. I know the real Obama; he is America’s enemy, along with the party which has been bought and paid for by men like George Soros. He and other Socialist/Communist […]

Dist. 32 Candidate Elli Schwiesow on Native American Issues

Running as an Independent in the South Dakota Legislative District 32 senate race, Elli Schwiesow has her work cut out for her. Though she is a life-long Republican who has held a number of official positions in the local and state Republican Parties, she chose to run as an Independent in the general election to […]

Early Voting a Threat to Fair Elections

The United States Constitution is explicit about few things pertaining to elections, leaving to individual States the right to determine method and manner of elections. For federal offices, however, constitutional guidelines must be followed, such as eligibility, terms of office, etc. The one thing that the Constitution has been explicit about, and for good reason, […]

Poll Vault: Media’s Predictions May Be All Wet

While the mainstream media appear ready to declare the winner of the election, in his Stoplight® video commentary, Stuart Shepard explains why they may be all wet.

Universal Preschool: Is It Worth It?

A closer look at universal preschool, sans the rose-colored glasses. From

Exploiting Children for Obama

This is pretty disgusting. This video has a bunch of young girls wagging their snotty little fingers in the face of the governor of Alaska over things that they and their liberal parents don’t like; didn’t the parents have the guts to say it themselves? This kind of disrespect from children is improper, and whoever […]

BREAKING: Sanford Health Changes Position, Says Initiated Measure 11 Consistent With Current Standards

SIOUX FALLS, SD – The campaign is holding a press conference Wednesday, October 22nd at 12:15 p.m. at the campaign headquarters (3500 South Louise Ave.). Sanford doctor, Glenn Ridder, will read portions of a letter sent to the campaign, highlighting the fact that the values of Sanford hospital are consistent with those of […]

Republican Senate Candidate Joel Dykstra on KELO Forum

KELO held a forum tonight for the U.S. Senate candidates, Republican Joel Dykstra and incumbent Democrat Senator Tim Johnson. Senator Tim Johnson was invited and had stated he would be there, but at the last minute claimed he had to be in Washington for a banking committee meeting. However, that meeting isn’t until Thursday. KELO […]

NSU Democrats and Republicans to Host Candidate Debate

(Aberdeen, S.D.) The NSU College Democrats and Republicans will host the first annual local candidate debate on OCTOBER 28TH AT 6:45 P.M. in Johnson Fine Arts Center. “This is an excellent event to not only entice the students of Northern to engage in the local political process but also have the community hear their local […]

South Dakota Dist. 30 Candidates on Gun Rights for College Students

From the South Dakota Family Policy Council’s 2008 general election voter guide, comparing South Dakota District 30 legislative candidates on gun rights for college students: Support an act to regulate the right to carry a firearm on the campuses of public institutions of higher education? The legislation allows law abiding citizens to bare arms for […]