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Complaint Filed with FCC Over Deceptive Pro-Abortion Ads

A post earlier today by Pastor Steve at Voices Carry outlines several of the salient points of the complaint file with the FCC today over the demonstrably false pro-abortion ads being aired by the South Dakota Campaign for UnHealthy Families., the organization promoting Initiated Measure 11 to end most abortions in South Dakota, announced […]

California Marriage Protection Amendment: Everything to do With Schools

The Yes on 8 folks have a new ad out in defense of the California marriage protection amendment. Like the previous one, this ad illustrates the reality that if the concept of homosexual “marriage” is allowed to stand, children will be taught about this–and taught that it is normal, natural and healthy–in school. Hopefully people […]

Face to Face With a Down Syndrome Abortion

South Dakotans will again vote on an abortion ban this year. Unlike Referred Law 6 in 2006, Initiated Measure 11 contains exceptions for rape, incest and the health of the mother. It does not contain exceptions for fetal anomalies, however, and the pro-abortion campaign to defeat IM 11 has seized on this as their primary […]

82 Seconds That are Damning to Evolutionists

Everyone knows life doesn’t come from lifeless materials…except evolutionists who need to believe this can happen in order for their theories to work. Ironic, isn’t it: materialists and naturalists insist that if something cannot be explained according to the laws of nature, it can’t be “science.” Yet the origins of life cannot be explained according […]

Democracy is the Outgrowth of Religious Conviction

American Minute from William J. Federer He coordinated relief to millions when the Mississippi River levees broke during the 1927 flood and he organized feeding 300 million in 21 countries of Europe and Russia following World War I. In 1928, he was elected the 31st U.S. President in a landslide victory. His entire life he […]

Glaciers Growing in Alaska

Some interesting news from the Anchorage Daily News: Two hundred years of glacial shrinkage in Alaska, and then came the winter and summer of 2007-2008. Unusually large amounts of winter snow were followed by unusually chill temperatures in June, July and August. “In mid-June, I was surprised to see snow still at sea level in […]

Bill Ayers: Nobody Here is Surprised About What I Think

This video, which includes a radio interview with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers is very interesting in light of the fact that Barack Obama has tried to hide his relationship with Ayers (“he was just a guy in my neighborhood), and when caught, attempted to claim he didn’t know about Ayers’ terrorist past and Ayers ultra-radical […] Announces Legal Action Over False TV Advertising

SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota, October 20 /Christian Newswire/ — The campaign is holding a press conference Monday, October 20th at 12:30 p.m. at Spring Hill Suites by Marriott (4304 West Empire Place, next to Empire Mall) to announce the legal action being taken to remove TV ads being run by a pro-abortion group. The […]

At the Precipice – What’s At Stake This November

BY PAUL E. SCATES I turned 59 years old this week. It doesn’t seem like 41 years ago when, at age 18, I went off to war. That was the beginning of my real education, despite the four years I later spent in college. In Vietnam I learned firsthand how deceitful and amoral American career […]

Rights of the Pre-Born: Enforceable in Principle

A response to “Fetal Rights: The Implication of a Supposed Ought,” by Tibor R. MachanBy Edwin Vieira, Jr.Libertarians for LifeCopyright © 1996 An argument frequently used to defend keeping abortion legal is that banning abortion will necessarily lead to severe invasions of personal liberty — that there will be, for example, “pregnancy police”. One important […]

Sarah Palin and the Moose Rap

This is another Sarah Palin skit from Saturday Night Live. In this one, she just grooves to a wacky Alaska-esque rap song. The best part is when moose comes out and gets shot.