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SNL Skit Featuring the Real Sarah Palin

Here’s the Saturday Night Live skit featuring the real Sarah Palin, courtesy of NBC and the New York Post. I’ve never met Governor Palin, but I would bet she is way hotter in person. She’s a heck of a gal!

Good Public Officials Know a Good Candidate When They See One

As evidenced by the letters to the editor in today’s Rapid City Journal, there is a LOT of support for Independent District 32 senate candidate Elli Schwiesow. In addition to several letters from everyday citizens, there were three from current or previous public officials. This one is from former legislator Alan Aker: Cooperation, creativity are […]

Incredible Pro-Abortion Spin from Rapid City Journal

I never would have thought someone could spin the abortion statistics from the South Dakota Department of Health in a positive manner…yet there I go again, underestimating the capacity of liberals for deception and misdirection. The Rapid City Journal had a series of articles today on abortion and the upcoming vote on Initiated Measure 11 […]

Defending Life Is Necessary to Defend Liberty

By Congressman Ron PaulLibertarians for LifeCopyright 1981 Pro-life libertarians have a vital task to perform: to persuade the many abortion-supporting libertarians of the contradiction between abortion and individual liberty; and, to sever the mistaken connection in many minds between individual freedom and the “right” to extinguish individual life. Libertarians have a moral vision of a […]

How Homosexual ‘Marriage’ Affects Us All: The Frightening Implications

This video from Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council features an interview with David Parker and his wife from Massachusetts. Their 5-year old daughter brought home pro-homosexual books from school, and when Parker demanded parental notification before this kind of indoctrination was foisted on his children, he was arrested. He was told he had […]

Obama, Ayers and ACORN: Peas in a Pod

Watch the video below for some startling information. “Abolish the ROTC” “Bring the war home” (with communist fist in background) “Power to the Weathermen” “Piece now” Barack Obama says Bill Ayers is “a guy who lives in my neighborhood; a professor of English in Chicago.” Records indicate Barack Obama and Bill Ayers’ paths crossed repeatedly, […]