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Confusion at SouthDaCola Over Treaty of Tripoli

Ghost of Dude at SouthDaCola made it clear today that he needs a lesson in American history. Ghost of Dude says he’s “heard a lot lately about how this nation was founded by Christian men and with Christian principles” but expresses confusion that the Treaty of Tripoli says As the government of the United States […]

WWJD? Obviously Not Cower as Liberals Expect

Cory Heidelberger, the man at Madville Times who is by his own definition unqualified to discuss theological matters, is again stepping out and stepping in it. Theologically speaking, that is. Today Cory condemned Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin for telling the truth about Barack Obama’s atrocious record as the most pro-abortion candidate in history, […]

Obama Mentor Into Bisexuality, Sadomasochism and Pedophilia?

If you’re like me, you don’t put a lot of stock into anything that comes out of the National Enquirer. After all, that publication, through some of it’s own wild stories, has developed a reputation for being not much better than the rags that routinely report on the goings-on of the “bat boy” and UFO […]

What is Going On at Pro-Abortion Sanford Health?

Voices Carry brings some much-needed perspective to the anti-Initiated Measure 11 memo “leaked” from Sanford Health in Sioux Falls yesterday. In 20006 when we brought forth Referred Law 6–which was considerably more restrictive than Initiated Measure 11– why didn’t Sanford Health (then Sioux Valley Hospital) object? When Sanford Health only performs abortions in cases already […]

Don’t Touch Term Limits

GUEST COLUMN By Rep. David LustDistrict 34, South Dakota I have long supported term limits as a way of furthering the democratic process and ensuring a legislature comprised of citizen-legislators. My experience over the last two years as a State Representative has only strengthened my views on this issue. Those opposing term limits often argue […]

Vote YES on 10 to stop tax dollars for lobbying

GUEST COLUMN By Dena EspenscheidRegional Field DirectorYes on 10 Campaign Tax-subsidized politicians, lobbyists, government contractors, and union officials who oppose the common sense ethics reform of Initiated Measure 10 have something in common. They all want to keep spending or making money off your tax dollars. The Secretary of State’s official description of Measure 10: […]

Glenn Beck and the New Obama National Anthem

A new video of the Obama National Anthem from our friends at the People’s Cube. All hail The One, our Socialist Father!

The Left Can Only Take America If Americans Let Them

The anti-family, anti-marriage, ant-children, anti-life, anti-American Left is only a very vocal minority. They can only take this nation away from real Americans and into a Godless socialist abyss if we let them. Let’s not let them. Get out to vote November 4, and make sure your Values Voter friends get out to vote. Your […]

Ohio Plumber: Obama’s Answer on Taxes ‘Scared Me Even More’

Neil Cavuto interviewed the plumber whom Barack Obama recently told that he wanted to take this man’s wealth and spread it around for him. In this interview, as amazing as it is, it quickly becomes apparent that this plumber isn’t too keen on that notion. Imagine that: this plumber actually thinks he’s entitled to spend […]

The Despotism of the Judiciary

American Minute from William J. Federer The U.S. Senate confirmed Clarence Thomas as a Justice on the Supreme Court on OCTOBER 15, 1991. When questioned by Senator Thurmond on judicial activism during the hearings, Clarence Thomas stated: “The role of a judge is a limited one. It is to…interpret the Constitution, where called upon, but […]

Poll: Most People Find Problems After an Abortion

Last week the Family Research Council held a forum to examine women’s health as it relates to abortion. One of the things discussed at that forum was a new poll sponsored by the Elliot Institute which found a very large majority say there are problems which follow an abortion. From LifeNews: The survey asked several […]

Ground Rules for Liberals

Steve at Sibby Online has some of the ground rules for liberals posted today. I know; you’ve had a hard time figuring out what those were. They seem ever-shifting, ever-modified, often illogical and often seemingly at odds with other rules. You are not alone in your confusion. But diligent observers of liberals in their native […]

ACORN Voter Registrations Under Investigation in a Dozen States

Let’s not make a mockery of democracy, guys. Yet that is what some are intent on doing. This kind of corruption and fraud is probably a win-win for liberals. If they get dead folks, dogs and goats, seven-year-olds, and the Dallas Cowboys football team are registered by ACORN and get away with it, liberals get […]

Fannie, Freddie: McCain Letter Demanded Action; Democrats Demanded Inaction

While there’s plenty of blame to go around, it isn’t John McCain. Human Events posted a copy of a letter dated May 5, 2006 signed by McCain and 19 other senators which says in part that it is “…vitally important that Congress take the necessary steps to ensure that [Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac]…operate in […]

Pro-Abortion Medical Ad Doesn’t Tell the Story

About a week ago, the South Dakota Campaign for UnHealthy Families sent out another piece of propaganda to scare otherwise reasonable people out of voting for Initiated Measure 11. This one featured Dr. Marvin Buehner of Rapid City and a list of fetal anomalies that can occur during a pregnancy. Dr. Ann Church of Spearfish, […]

Video: Sarah Palin on the Rush Limbaugh Program

This is from the Rush Limbaugh program earlier today, with some footage included from the Dittocam. Sarah Palin talks with Rush Limbaugh about her passions, what’s going on in the campaign, and she’s not going “sit down and shut up.”

God Bless the USA (And Sarah Palin, Too)

If tomorrow all the things were gone I’d worked for all my life, And I had to start again with just my children and my wife, I’d thank my lucky stars to be living here today, ‘Cause the flag still stands for freedom and they can’t take that away. And I’m proud to be an […]