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Barack Obama: Guilt by Participation

The “mainstream” media and other liberals would like you to believe talking about a U.S. Senator and wannabe president who associates with a domestic terrorist is “fear mongering.” They’d like you to believe that it just doesn’t matter that Barack Obama seems to be surrounded by people who loathe the United States and all we […]

Motivation to Find America

American Minute from William J. Federer Muslim Turks conquered Constantinople in 1453, cutting off the land trade routes from Europe to India and China, so Europeans sought new routes. During Portugal’s golden age of sea power, Columbus sailed south along the African coast and then north to Iceland. He heard stories of Irish monk St. […]

Pop Culture Slackers Sit in the Back and Throw Spit Wads

Yes, people who act like other people are imminently qualified to judge the qualifications of people who run a state. This idiot pop-culture types are like the slouching slackers who sit at the back of the class, throwing spit wads, and always either giggling or scowling. No one of any intellectual fiber takes them or […]