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Banned From YouTube

This is the video that was quickly banned from YouTube because of a “copyright infringement.” This updated version uses music and video claiming safe harbor under the Fair Use Doctine. To those still confused about what happened and who is to blame for the mortgage crisis and the collapse of the government-sponsored Fannie Mae and […]

Barack Obama: Early Release for Sex Offenders

In the Illinois Senate, Barack Obama voted for early release for sex offenders. Don’t the rights of the innocent to be safe take priority over breaks for convicted sex offenders?

Obama’s First Priority: Reinstitute Partial Birth Abortion

Barack Obama is on record saying his first priority as president would be to implement the Freedom of Choice Act, which would result in the re-legalization of partial birth abortion, eliminate parental notification of minor girl abortions, and taxpayer-funded abortion This, before economic issues or even ensuring strong national defense.

Socialist Obama Anthen

From our friends at the People’s Cube, here’s your laugh of the day…which would be funnier if there wasn’t so much frightening truth to it. Obama is indeed a socialist of one of the highest orders we’ve ever seen in elected office in America…and he looks with loathing on authentic Christianity and things like gun […]

Human Passions Unbridled by Morality

American Minute from William J. Federer On OCTOBER 11, 1798, President John Adams wrote to the 1st Brigade of the 3rd Division of the Militia of Massachusetts: “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords […]

Why Did Barack Obama Support Infanticide?

Why did Senator Barack Obama oppose a measure to preserve the life of infants born alive after failed attempts to abort them? Why did he support infanticide?

Video: Doctors Address Medical Concerns Over Pro-Life Measure

At a press conference at the Rapid City office of on Thursday, Dr. Daniel Franz, Dr. Mike Statz, Dr. Donald Oliver, and Dr. Pamela Schmagel addressed medical concerns over Initiated Measure 11, South Dakota’s pro-life bill. Opponents of the measure which would restrict abortion except in the case of rape, incest, the health of […]

Americans Don’t Believe Pro-Big-Government Spin on Financial Crisis

Just when it seems you’re about to lose all hope, afraid that too many Americans have bought into the Marxist propaganda spewed non-stop by the “mainstream” media, a light shines forth out of the darkness to give you hope. So it was today as I read at Fox News that a majority of Americans see […]

The Uninsured and Government Health Care Scam

This is an enlightening video about some of the people who “can’t” afford health insurance. This is also an important lesson in why socialism is not only the lamest idea ever to strike humanity, it’s bad for everyone it touches: bad for the drive and dignity it enables to be slackers, and bad for the […]

Stoplight: Do You Know Who You Are?

In an age of identity theft and voter-registration fraud, Stuart Shepard wonders in his Stoplight video commentary why anyone would argue against a little ID check. Here, here! The only folks I can think of who would oppose solid ID check and voter registration procedures would be, well, those who want to perpetrate a little […]

It’s time to go back to basics

BY STAR PARKERFOUNDER & PRESIDENTCOALITION ON URBAN RENEWAL & EDUCATION When successful companies fail, when winning teams start to lose, what we’re most likely to hear is an announcement from the CEO or the coach about returning to basics. It’s not unusual for success to lead to a loss of focus that indeed there are […]

South Dakota Wingnut Protests at U.S. Capitol

Gid from SD Wingnuts is in Washington D.C. for the Americans for Prosperity Defending the American Dream Summit. (I had planned to go, and Gid & were going to team up to do some great coverage, but key elements fell through for me at the last minute). He’s posted some video over at the Wingnuts […]