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Defend Freedom, Defeat Obama

This is the new NRA ad: Defend Freedom, Defeat Obama

Gwen Ifill: When the Moderator Isn’t So Moderate

The ever-vigilant sentinels at the Media Research Center have the goods on the “mainstream” media figure Gwen Ifill who will “objectively” moderate the vice presidential debate tomorrow night between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. Ifill, the “nonpartisan” moderator has in the past said things like: ? Clinton’s Not Liberal Enough. “Is this welfare bill your […]

South Dakota Dist. 35 Candidates on Sonograms

From the South Dakota Family Policy Council’s 2008 general election voter guide, comparing South Dakota District 35 legislative candidates on sonograms in abortion facilities: Support an act to require abortion facilities to offer sonograms to pregnant women? D House Fern Y. Johnson Y D House Curtis R. MarquardtR House Don Kopp Y R House Mark […]

Media Showing Their Underwear

Doug Wead has a great read on the shark, er, “mainstream” media feeding frenzy going on over Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. From NewsMax: When Jack Cafferty cornered poor Wolf Blitzer on CNN recently and showed the clip of the Katie Couric-Sarah Palin interview and then launched into his panicky, now famous, oxygen deprived […]

Sweeping Rape Under the Rug of Convenience

This has to be one of the most myopic letters I’ve read in the Rapid City Journal in a long time. Better ways to use resources than Initiated Measure 11 I received my absentee ballot in the mail yesterday, and Measure 11 goes farther than I thought. In addition to forcing women to carry unviable […]

Johnson, Dykstra on Dakota Midday Thursday

From the Argus Leader, Senator Tim Johnson and Republican challenger Joel Dykstra will be guests on South Dakota Public Radio’s “Dakota Midday” on Thursday: Johnson, who plans to be in Vermillion that day, will be the first guest interviewed live in the SDPB Radio studio on the University of South Dakota campus. He and Dakota […]

Patronizing Palin and Big Hugs for Biden

Newsbusters has a thorough analysis of the hit-tactics of the “mainstream” media toward conservatives and the friendly softballs thrown underhanded to liberals. While Sarah Palin got the third degree from Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric, it was cookies and ice cream with Joe Biden. Couric also took a pass on Biden’s myriad gaffes, while searching […]

TV Entices to Risky Behavior

As we frequently talk about the sad state to which television and movies have fallen, word of a new study sheds light on the effect of the moral decay promoted in the media. LifeSiteNews says a new study from researchers at the University of California published in the Journal of Communication found that portrayals of […]

Obama’s Terrorist Bill Ayers

This video puts things into context for those folks who so far just haven’t wanted to deal with this dirty fact surrounding Barack Obama. Bill Ayers, as you might or might not recall, is a domestic terrorist who’s group the Weathermen bombed the U.S. Capitol building in Washington D.C., the Pentagon, and several post offices […]

The Fighting Pastor

American Minute from William J. Federer “In the language of the Holy Writ, there is a time for all things. There is a time to preach and a time to fight.” Thus ended the sermon of 30-year-old pastor John Peter Muhlenberg as he removed his clerical robes to reveal a uniform in the Continental Army. […]

Taking on Unconstitutional Tax Law

On Sunday, 33 pastors spoke about the election as part of ADF’s Pulpit Initiative. 54 years of censorship is enough!

Schmidt for State Senate

These are hot off the press: Senator Dennis Schmidt, Republican for State Senate District 33.

Missouri: Where Stealing Babies Seems to be the Trend

by Carrie K. Hutchens One would think that the Stocklaufer case would put the system on notice that people are actually taking note of what the Missouri courts and DFS (Division of Family Services) are doing with regard to the children of, and within, their state. Apparently not though! If there was ever a MEMO […]

Advice to Palin and Biden: Be Yourself

The debate Thursday between Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Joe Biden may be one of the most watched political events in some time. The differences and contrasts between the two contestants could not be much more stark in American politics. The policy differences have been talked about endlessly and there is not much that I […]