Values Voter Summit: Gary Bauer

Gary Bauer of American Values was the second speaker today at the Family Research Council’s Washington Briefing.

Gary Bauer said he’s not surprised many foreigners like Hugo Chaves of Venezuela like Barack Obama. Bauer said if a foreign despot looks to America and sees someone supported by and their ilk who is running against a war hero who loves his country, the one these despots would prefer is no surprise.

Bauer said we got an unscripted look at how Barack Obama when he said average Americans “cling to their guns and their religion” and are afraid of people who are different from them. Bauer said these things in San Francisco where people believe men should be able to “marry” men, and don’t like the Boy Scouts. Bauer said that if the American people get to choose between San Francisco values and small town values, small town values will win every time.

Bauer said Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin best represents those values. He commended her decision to bring her son Trig into the world. He also commended her for the loving way Palin handled her daughter’s teen pregnancy, and for their decision to give that child life.

He asked the important question: what is the purpose of our liberty? Do we just get to do what we want without consequence, or is it ordered liberty. Bauer said our liberties, as recognized by our founding document, come from God.

Bauer said that when Obama said it was “above his pay grade” to know when human life begins, he only proved that sitting in the White House is above his pay grade.

Bauer said that at such a time as this, the man we need in the White House is Senator John McCain.

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