Values Voter Summit: Bishop Harry Jackson

Bishop Harry Jackson of the High Impact Leadership Coalition spoke at the Family Research Council Washington Briefing this morning.

Bishop Jackson said that Martin Luther King Jr’s famous speech profoundly changed things in America. Jackson said at the time of the speech, that his father had been doing manual labor in a post office despite having an accounting degree. But a few years after Kings speech, his father became the head of personnel at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington D.C.

Jackson said that no matter who ends up in the White House later this year, God has a job for everyone present at the summit.

Jackson said that during the First Great Awakening in America, preaching began against slavery. It also followed in the Second Great Awakening of the 1800s. He said people began to realize that God’s truth and social policy go hand-in-hand.

Expressing his disappointment with President George W. Bush’s failure to lead the nation with solid moral direction, Jackson said we probably failed in thinking that all we had to do was get a praying president into the White House and everything would be alright.

Jackson said he believes being a Christian will make you a conservative, but being a conservative won’t make you a Christian.

Jackson said there will be no political messiah, either Democrat or Republican; God’s people will have to humble their hearts, work hard and pray harder.

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